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  1. Contact person: PhDr Don Sparling, Department of English and American Studies (see 6 below)

  2. History: Courses with Canadian content have been offered since 1985. Since 1990 there has been a Canadian Studies Centre.

  3. Current teaching: Courses in the Departments of English, French, Political Science and Philosophy

  4. Library: About 3000 volumes. A general Canadian Studies library (in French and English), focused on literature, literary criticism and history. Large collection of Canadian drama in English (approx. 500 plays). Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
    The library forms a special section of the library of the Faculty of Arts (Filozoficka fakulta), and is accessible on-line through aleph.muni.cz. A small vocabulary of terms is here. Those interested in obtaining the text of any of the books in the Canadian collection, or of an article in one of the journals (see below), please get in touch with Petr Vurm at vurm@phil.muni.cz.

    Part of the library is formed by the Playwrights Canada Press reading room collection. Playwrights Canada Press is the publishing house of the Playwrights Union of Canada. At several locations internationally it has established Playwrights Canada Press reading rooms, which are regularly supplied with copies of their latest publications. This means that our collection of Canadian plays is growing regularly with the addition of some of the best new works by Canadian dramatists.

    Journals: (please send an e-mail to vurm@phil.muni.cz enquiring about the concrete volumes you need)

    1999, Ahornblaetter 1995 - 1999, American Review of Canadian Studies 1982-1994, Ariel, University of Calgary Quarterly 1974-1982, British Journal of Canadian Studies, Successor to Bulletin of Canadian Studies 1986-1996, Bulletin of Canadian Studies, followed by British Journal of Canadian Studies 1977-1998, Canadian Ethnic Studies 2001, Canadian Foreign Policy 1998-2000, The Canadian Journal of Linguistics 1961-1969, Canadian Literature, University of BC, Vancouver, Quarterly 1967-2001, The Canadian Historical Review 1920-1960, 1962-1986, 1988-1990, Clio - Journal of Literature, History and the Philosophy of History, 2001 Essays on Canadian, Writing, Canada, Ontario 1974-1996, Etudes canadiennes 1975-1999, Nos. 1-46, complete, exc. for Nos. 22, 28, 33, 36, 37, 39, Journal of Canadian Fiction 1972-1982, Interfaces2001,International Journal of Canadian Studies 1990-1997, Journal of Canadian Studies 1988-1996, London Journal of Canadian Studies 1984 (vol. 1) - 1999 (vol. 14), Mosaic, U of Manitoba 1979-1991, New Scholars - New Visions in Canadian Studies 1996, The Nordic Association for Canadian Studies, To Canada and the Nordic Countries, 3 Essays in Can. Literature, 5 The Canadian North, 7 Literary Responses to Arctic Can. 10 The Counterfeit and the Real in Vack+Hodgins, 11 Transcultural Travels, 12 Literature and Criticism, 13 Culture and Politics, Quebec Studies 1985-2000, Vision of Canadian Studies, Teaching Research Methodology 1998, Tangence 1998, Zeitschrift fuer Kanada-Studien, Z. der Gesellschaft fuer Kanada 1982-1994, 1996-2001

    Video library: mostly National Film Board productions (approx.60 titles).

    Records and cassettes: Approx. 125 titles (serious, folk and popular music)

    CD-ROM: Maclean's Magazine 1988 - 93, Dictionary of Canadian Biography

    Survey of courses currently offered
    Details of the courses can be found under the teachers' names(see 6 below).

  5. For more information on the teachers and courses, click on the following:

    Don SparlingDepartment of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts
    Maxmilián StrmiskaDepartment of Political Science, Faculty of Social Studies
    Petr KyloušekDepartment of Romance Languages and Literatures, Faculty of Arts
    Jaroslav HrochDepartment of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts
    Jeff VanderzielDepartment of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts
    Irena PribylováDepartment of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts
    Klára KolínskáDepartment of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts

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