TRANS-communication and reception


to be held  on May 8-9 2003 at the Universitatea de Nord, Baia Mare, Romania




The conference specifically calls for a new use of cross-cultural analysis and particularly  social-semiotics within the concrete contexts of globalization, shiftingtechnology, industrial synergy and trans-cultural media activity.



The Conference theme, TRANS-COMMUNICATION AND RECEPTION, is to be interpreted broadly. However, offers of papers in the following areas will be

particularly welcome:



1.      GENERAL THEME: Transcultural communication and reception


·        Communication and reception issues arising in cross-border interaction


·        Transdisciplinarity in communication studies


·        Transcultural mass-media


·        European integration-communicative challenges. (Insufficient attention is still paid to the significance of culture in the integration process. Often one culture inadvertently dominates another causing resentments, fear, stress, distress. Lack of communication between culture is one important reason of these negative emotions. Communication of core cultural values is therefore crucial for any transnational project. The focus will be placed on the optimization of trans-communication process in the process of European integration)



2.      Text adaptation and translation


·        Text adaptation and translation - from culture to culture


·        Text adaptation and translation - from medium to medium,


·        Text adaptation and translation - from period to period (reception of communist texts in our age )



3.      Communication and reception in gender studies



4.      Intertwining technology - communication


·        The impact of the new communication technologies on traditional communities


·        Communication technology as a diapositiv (apparatus) that facilitates and limits communication



5. Trans-species communication (human-animal)




Please send proposals, giving


   i.  Title

   ii. 200-300 word abstract,

   iii Details of any technical facilities you may need (e.g. overhead- or slide-projector, video equipment (specifying format) etc.) and

   iv. Brief biographical note on the author/s.



All proposals should be submitted online to Georgeta Cornita


E-mail Address:


...or by mail at the following address


Prof. Georgeta Cornita

Facultatea de Litere, Universitatea de Nord

Str. Victoriei 76,

4800, Baia Mare,



Papers presented will be published in the Conference Proceedings.