Canada in the European Mind

More than 60 Canadianists from 12 countries took part
in the First International Conference on "Canada in
the European Mind" between 24-27 October 2002 in
Debrecen, Hungary. Over 50 papers were presented in
all areas of Canadian Studies from literature to
sociology both in English and French. The participants
included Mr. Alan Bowker, Director of International
Academic Relations Department, DFAIT, from Ottawa as
well as Mr. Ronald Halpin, Ambassador of Canada in
Budapest who talked about the relationship between
Canada and Hungary. The plenary speaker was Professor
Tibor Egervári from the University of Ottawa. After
several years' attempt and hard work, Don Sparling
managed to realise the formal establishment of the
Association of Central European Canadianists which
will include members from Poland, the Czech Republic,
Romania, Yugoslavia and Hungary.