3rd International Conference of Central European Canadianists


3rd Congress of Polish Canadianists




30 April – 3 May 2004  Kraków, Poland



“Place and Memory in Canada: Global Perspectives”




First Announcement and Call for Papers


The notion of place understood as a historicised location is inextricably linked with the concept of memory, both being important signifiers of culture. In the case of Canada, these are both made particularly interesting because of its geographic location, small population, large size, and cultural diversity. In addition, Canada, as a country with complex global links, is uniquely implicated in the processes of globalisation that are radically changing the contemporary world and leading to a constant evolution of concepts and values relating to culture.


The aim of the conference is to examine the complexity of the notions of place and memory in various Canadian discourses in view of critical approaches offered by cultural, gender, ecocritical, Native, and globalisation studies, to name only a few of them.


The notion of place may relate to Canada as a whole or to particular regions, cities, towns, neighbourhoods, “private homelands”, or other locations with various symbolic or metaphoric connotations. The sphere of memory can be examined as the remembering, re-reading, rediscovering, and re-evaluating of the past, its heroes and villains, as well as its patterns of development.


Possible areas of investigation might include (but are not restricted to):


§           various ways of constructing memory and place

§           state-constructed memory and problems of the racialisation and ethnicisation of society

§           the ethics of memory and place

§           the politics  of remembering and forgetting

§           memory, place and nostalgia

§           memory, place and trauma

§           rescuing the memory of migrants, travellers, exiles 

§           changing cultural narratives of memory and identity

§           transcending local politics of place and memory

§           implications of global culture for national and local ideas of place

§           gender perspectives on the constructions of local/global identities

§           utopian promises of globalisation

§           globalisation and transnationalism


Proposals for papers and panels may focus on particular cases, theoretical questions or comparisons. Since the conference has a firmly interdisciplinary character we invite a wide range of perspectives, including that of literature, the arts, law, history, political science, psychology, gender studies and other interdisciplinary approaches.


Papers may be given in English or in French. Submissions from graduate students are both welcome and encouraged.


Deadline for paper proposals: September 30, 2003.


Please send abstracts of papers (250 word maximum) and a one-paragraph CV along with the conference registration form (hard copy or Word/Word Perfect attachments) to the Organising Committee.


Participants will be notified of acceptance of papers no later than November 1, 2003.


Selected essays will be published in the Conference proceedings. 


Registration fee


The registration fee of 35 USD or 15 USD (for students only) will cover administrative costs.




Rooms will be booked in the University Hotel, close to the conference venue, as well as in comfortable student dormitories. Should participants wish to make their own arrangements, they can check the following web pages: www.visit.pl ; www.inn26.com . Thanks to a generous grant from the Canadian government, obtained through the International Academic Relations Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the participants from Central Europe will have the cost of accommodation in the student dormitories covered.




Three lunches on the main days of the conference will be provided.



Conference organisers


Marta Kijewska-Trembecka (e-mail: konferencja_krakow@op.pl)

Anna Reczyñska (e-mail: reczynska@sigma.wsmip.uj.edu.pl)


Zak³ad Kanady

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Important note


For copies of the registration form and further information, please visit our web pages: www.mzsa.uj.edu.pl/Canada or www.cecanstud.cz