Research facilities and grants

– Programs in Canadian Studies Funded by Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) (scanned, .jpg), 3 pages: 1 2 3 French 1 French 2 French 3

Canadian Studies DFAIT FRP/FEP 2003/2004 grant, description (program, language, what):
FEP,E,form: en-form-fep-ce03.rtf
FRP,E,form: en-form-frp-ce03.rtf
FEP,E,guide: en-guid-FEP.pdf
FRP,E,guide: en-guid-frp-ce03.rtf
FEP,F,form: fr-form-fep-ce03.rtf
FRP,F,form: fr-form-frp-ce03.rtf
FEP,F,guide: fr-guid-fep-ce03.rtf
FRP,F,guide: fr-guid-frp-ce03.rtf

International Council for Canadian Studies Support Programmes ; help yourself to a French version

European Network for Canadian Studies

John F. Kennedy Institute research grant

FEP/FRP Winners

Previous winners (2002)