Guest lecturers

The Association for Canadian Studies in the German-speaking countries (GKS)

GKS, the Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien (Association for Canadian Studies in the German speaking countries), in close cooperation with the Canadian Embassies in Vienna and Bonn provides some limited support for Canadian Studies in Central Europe (CE). Some modest (but highly appreciated!) extra funding for Canadian Studies programmes in the German speaking countries has been provided by the Academic Relations Division (ACE) for this purpose. This funding enables the GKS to assist in the integration of Canadianists from CE into the German/European/Global Canadianist community. Similar to the GKS support provided to Canadianists in CE, the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies assists Canadianists in the Baltic States. European Canadianists and the established European Canadian Studies associations will continue to investigate possibilities of further developing support for CE scholars.

New GKS "Outreach" Programme

GKS recently established a new "Outreach" programme for an initial phase of three years. The programme is financed by ACE. Although mainly aimed at activities in the German speaking countries and notably the New "Länder" (the former GDR), it has a small CE dimension. The programme enables the financing of visits by GKS members to lecture or to participate in Canadian Studies conferences at CE universities. CE scholars may wish to invite their own German, Austrian or Swiss fellow Canadianists for lecture tours. Some of the local costs related to these visits should be covered by the hosting institution.

The "outreach" programme is administered by:

Recently the Outreach Program of the Association for Canadian Studies in the German-Speaking Countries (GKS) has been extended to work both ways, i.e. GKS members can be invited to Central European countries for lectures etc. and Central European Canadianists can be invited to the German speaking countries for lectures or conferences. Both types of activities will be coordinated by Dr. Elke Nowak, President-elect of the GKS. Whoever is planning something (either to invite a GKS member or to accept an invitation to a GKS country) should first contact Dr. Nowak with a preliminary proposal and cost estimate in order to make sure that money is allocated.

It would be highly appreciated if CE universities hosting an event with GKS members paid for by the Outreach Program make sure that all publicity material, programs and posters mention that the event is "supported by the Canadian Government and the GKS" and that they provide a report to Dr. Nowak after the event.

For further information, contact Dr. Nowak:

Dr. Elke Nowak
Department of Linguistics
University of Leipzig
Tel.: ++49 341 9737604

Canadian Guest Professors

Guest professorships in Canadian Studies, jointly financed by the Canadian Government and German or Austrian authorities have been established at the Canadian Studies centres of the universities in Augsburg, Berlin (Kennedy-Institute), Bonn, Innsbruck, Kiel, Marburg, and Trier. The guest professors usually lecture during the summer term (May, June and July). A small portion of the annual grants for the centres provided by DFAIT is earmarked for travel by these guests to universities "in the area". Again, while this programm is mainly aimed at the German speaking countries there is no reason why one of the guests from Berlin, for example, should not lecture at Polish universities or a guest from Augsburg at Slovak universities. CE academics should also check the homepages of the above mentioned universities for further information. CE scholars interested in inviting one of the Canadian guest professors should first contact the academic relations officer in Bonn (Walter Larink - see below) or Vienna (Roswitha Fritscher - see below).

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