Regionalism in Canadian Literature

Dr Anna Jakabfi

The course will be devoted to the study of novels and short stories of the various regions of Canada: The Maritime Provinces, the Prairies, the Northern territories and British Columbia. The following novels will be discussed:
Hugh MacLennan: Each Man's Son, W. O. Mitchell: Who Has Seen the Wind, Sinclair Ross: As For Me and My House, Margaret Laurence: The Stone Angel, A Jest of God, Frederick Philip Grove: Settlers of the Marsch, Robert Stead: Grain, Aritha Van Herk: The Tent Peg, Lucy Maude Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables, as well as the short stories of Jack Hodgins, Alice Munro, Gabrielle Roy.
Course requirements are: ne oral presentation of 20-30 minutes in class and one home written essay of 6-8 pages.