Lajos Kossuth University (KLTE)

  1. Contact person:Péter Szaffkó (see 6 below)

  2. History: Courses with Canadian content have been offered since 1982. A Canadian Studies Centre was established in 1986. Around 30 M.A. theses on Canadian topics have been completed. Since 1996 Canadian topics have been taught at the PhD level and doctoral theses are being written on Canada.

  3. Current teaching: Courses at the Department of British Studies and the North American Department at the Institute of English and American Studies.

  4. Library: The library holds about 2500 books and course sets. It is a general Canadian studies library focusing on literature and civilization. It is part of the main library of Kossuth University, the second largest in the country.
    Journals: Canadian Literature, Essays on Canadian Writing, Canadian Poetry, Books in Canada, Journal of Canadian Studies, International Journal of Canadian Studies, Canadian Theatre Review, Saturday Night

  5. Survey of courses currently offered

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