The University of Szeged

  1. Contact person: Katalin Kürtósi (see 6 below)

  2. History: Courses on English and French Canadian literature and culture offered for the English Department and the Department of Comparative Literature since 1985.

  3. Current teaching: Courses for the English and American Studies programme and for the comparative literature programme.

  4. Library: About 800 volumes - including basic handbooks, anthologies, sporadic journals, with a focus on English Canadian literature and theatre, to a smaller extent on contemporary French Canadian Writing. Books are to be found at the at the Canadian Studies Centre, located in the Central Library of the University.
    Journals: Last four or five years of the Canadian Theatre Review and JEU.
    Video Library: Film adaptations of Canadian novels, interviews with writers.

  5. Survey of courses currently offered

    Canadian Literature (survey course in English in first semesters)
    Interculturalism and multiculturalism (in English in second semesters)
    Criticism and writing in Canada (survey course in Hungarian in second semesters)
    Tutoring course

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