Appendix 2               


Central European Steering Committee for Canadian Studies


Budget proposal for the fiscal year 2001/2002



1. CE Secretariat (12 months: April 2001-March 2002)                                                  2,500.00


            - office supplies                                          500.00

            - part-time staff                                        2,000.00


2. Steering Committee meetings                                                                       4,800.00


           - Bucharest, Oct. 2001 (incl. travel)          2,200.00

           - Grainau, Feb. 2002 - travel                     2,450.00

             Grainau, Feb. 2002 - extra meals                150.00


3. GKS conference - 10 places                                                                        2,500.00


4. Second instalment for the CE Canadianists' conference

          in Romania, October 2001                                                                       7,000.00


5. Bank charges                                                                                                             200.00


            Total budget request                                                                       17,000.00






Item 2. Linking CESCCS meetings with other events proved very effective this past year, and the committee would like to continue this in future. In 2001-2002 this means holding its fall meeting in conjunction with the Central European Canadian Studies Conference in Bucharest (Steering Committee members will be presenting papers and chairing sessions at the conference), and its second meeting at Grainau in February 2002.


Item 3. The system of having the CESCCS coordinate the choice of the 20 Central European Canadianists (including members of the Steering Committee or their representatives) attending the GKS conference at Grainau now works very well, and should be continued, with funding being divided between the CESCCS and the GKS (10 places for each).


Item 4. This is the second instalment of the funding for the 2nd International Central European Conference in Canadian Studies, to be held in Bucharest from 26-28 October 2001. The original agreement was for two instalments of 6,500.00; in fact last year only 6,000.00 was given as the first instalment. Hence this year’s request for 7,000.00, to bring the total amount of conference funding up to the originally planned 13,000.00.


Item 5. In the budget proposal for the fiscal year 2000/2001, there was no provision for bank charges. However, bank charges are unavoidable (for maintaining the account, for transferring funds and for cash withdrawals), and so this has been included as a separate item in this year’s budget proposal.