Appendix 4


Country report - the Czech Republic


 (February – October 2001)


There have not been any striking developments in the period since the Grainau meeting; rather a slow but steady increase in Canadian Studies actitivities can be seen.


In Prague, the return of Klara Kolinská from two years in Canada has meant a strengthening of the Canadian Studies programme at Charles University; Ms Kolinská also teaches a CS course at Purkyòe University in Ustí nad Labem.


At Brno, new courses (in French, English and Czech) have been added to the Canadian Studies programme, with one on Canadian philosophy being perhaps the most unusual. For the first time, a foreign student came to Brno (from Debrecen) to spend a few days doing research in the Centre’s library; it is hoped that there will be more such students in future. In November the CS Centre there will be hosting lectures by David Staines, of the University of Ottawa, and the Quebecois dramatist Wajdi Mouawad.


Canadian Studies courses have begun to be taught at the universities in Hradec Kralové and Olomouc, and preparations are going forward to introduce a course at the university in Liberec.


The new history of Canada by Lenka Rovná and Miroslav Jindra (Charles University, Prague) received excellent reviews and went immediately into a second printing. New translations of other works by Canadian authors have also appeared (though unfortunately the translation of Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion received the prize given annually by the main translators’ society for the worst translation of the year!). There have been several exhibitions of Canadian artists in Prague, and the same city has been the venue for a number of concerts by Canadian musicians.