Appendix 5


Country report - Hungary


THE UNIVERSITY OF BUDAPEST English Department offers Canadian Studies on all 3 levels (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.), including courses on Québec (in co-operation with the French Department) – so far 37 students graduated in the Canadian and Québec Studies programme.


Jakabfi Anna was not present – but had a key role in launching the project.


Kniezsa Veronika teaches Canadian-English in the frame of courses on English outside England, and also directs an Academy research programme in linguistics examining this topic.


Kenyeres János teaches issues of literary theory, focusing on Northrop Frye (wrote his „Academy Ph.D.” in this topic) and Marshall MacLuhan.


Kodó Krisztina was not present – earlier taught courses on English Canadian short stories (then was guest teaching in Spain).


Tóth András graduated in the Can.St. programme, wrote his M.A. thesis about the work of Atwood, J. Hodgins, A. Van Herk, examined the effect of the Internet in Canada – at present is working on his Ph.D. thesis on French poetry.


Kádár Krisztina was not present – writes her Ph.D. thesis on Québec literature topic, participated with a paper in English on Canadian postmodern in the annual meeting in Eger.



Pődör Dóra is a linguist, member of the Academy research group on varieties of English outside England, read a paper about „Canadianisms in Canadian Drama” in Eger earlier this year. Has her Ph.D. in medieval English from the University of Dublin.


Without university affiliation from Budapest:

Vajk Zsuzsanna wants to start a Ph.D. programme about Antonine Maillet.

Alföldi Aliz contributed to the staged translation of Les Belles-Soeurs (took part in the Brno conference).


Molnár István deals with international trade law, wrote a book about the Canadian constitution – at present is working on his Ph.D. thesis and teaches a course on Canadian confederational law at the University of Miskolc.



Martonyi Éva teaches Québec literature – was not present


Fabiny Tibor was not present – wrote his Ph.D. about Northrop Frye and teaches his theory.


Lawrence L. Szigeti teaches English-Canadian literature, at present is teaching in Winnipeg



Molnár Judit has been teaching CanLit. Since 1984, Canadian Studies Centre was founded in 1986. Teaches an introductory course and another one on Multiculturalism and regionalism – supervises Ph.D. theses, her own research is Anglophone writing in Québec.


Szaffkó Péter, teaches Canadian theatre and drama, researches on historical drama, translated Canadian radio plays, The Rebel Angels by Robertson Davies and is now editing a volume of English-Canadian drama in Hungarian transl.


Szilágyi Szabolcs was not present – works on his Ph.D. thesis in English-Canadian drama, teaches the same subject, directs plays and translated one.


Virágos Zsolt teaches various aspects of North American culture, including the multiculturalism problematic on a comparative basis, wrote his „Academy doctorate thesis” on North American theories of myths, including N. Frye. Announced that a history of the English Department of Debrecen (the most prestigious in Hungary) is being written, with a special chapter on Can.Studies.


Kovács Fruzsina wrote her M.A. thesis on Margaret Laurence, did research in Brno and found it very useful – is teaching a course on descriptions of ethnic identity in novels by M. Laurence.


Marosvári Mária from the French Department wants to join the North American research programme dealing with sociolinguistics.



Kürtösi Katalin has been teaching CanLit since 1985, first as part of comparative literature, then also as part of English and American Studies programmes: survey course, interculturalism-multiculturalism course and CanLit in Hungarian translation + Can. Literary theory. Translated a novel from French, a play from English – represents Hungary on the steering committee of Central European Canadianists.



Vígh Árpád teaches Québec literature, edits Cahiers francophones en Europe Centrale – writes is „Academy Doctorate thesis” on the style of Louis Hémon.


Simonffy Zsuzsa teaches a history of Québec literature, does research on Anne Hébert and the metaphor of Daedalus. In linguistics deals with anglicisms in Québec French. Is director of the Canadian Studies Centre at the Univ. Of Pécs.


Horváth Miléna was not present – is a Ph.D. student in francophone literature, teaches courses, including Québec writing.



Szalay Edina was not present – completed her Ph.D. on North American female gothic, devoting chapters to M. Atwood and Alice Munro, teaches Canadian literature.



Kádár Judit teaches an introductory course on Canadian multiculturalism, participated in a legal assitance programme with Queens University, organized the Forum of young Canadianists in May 2001.