1.Ana Olos, PhD, Associate professor: Canadian Studies in English , 2-semester courses ( undergraduate level) and  a 1-semester course in Canadian Literature ( undergraduate level).

 Book: How Nice to Meet Findley Angry, Wald Press, Timisoara, 2000.

 Articles published:

1. Cheyne Walk between Findley’s Pilgrim and Woolf’s Orlando, in Studii de Limbi si Literaturi Moderne, Editura Mirton,  Timisoara, p.296-306

2.   The Call of the East in Myrna Kostash’s Bloodlines, in Buletin Stiintific, Universitatea de Nord, Seria A, vol. 14, Limbi Moderne, Baia Mare 2000, p. 141- 154

 Papers presented at conferences

1. 21-24 March, Findley’s Human Rights Watch, at “Living between Borders: Construction of Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Class and Sexuality along the Centuries, “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi

2. 17-19 May, Findley’s Approach to History, at North University - Baia Mare

3.  1-2 June, Nature and Camp in Findley’s Work, at Bucharest University

4.  24-25 October, The Medium and the Message at September 11, “Dunãrea de Jos” University, Galaþi

5.   26-29 October, Intertextuality and Interdisciplinarity in Marshall McLuhan’s Media Books,  at the 2nd International Conference of Central European Canadianist, Bucureºti



2.Dana Puiu, Ph D, senior lecturer:Canadian Studies in French : a 2-semester9 undergraduate level); a 1-semester course in Canadian Literature ( undergraduate level).

Articles published:

1. Le bilinguisme comme frustration identitaire dans la Literature Canadienne francophone, in Buletin Stiintific, Universitatea de Nord, Seria A, vol. 15, Limbi Moderne, Baia Mare, 2001

 Papers presented

Theatre sur le teatrum mundi canadien francophone,  2nd International Conference of Central European Canadianists, Bucharest 26-28 Oct.


to edit a bilingual collection of articles : Identity and Alterity in Modern Canadian Literature


3.Horea  Nascu, Assistant lecturer: seminars in Canadian Literature9 undergraduate level)

 Papers presented

- On Leonard Cohen’s poetry in Italy, May 2001

- Leonard Cohen: Reasons to Kill, 2nd International Conference of Central European Canadianist, Bucharest, October 2001

3.   Attendance of the Grainau conference of the German Association of Canadian Studies


VISITING LECTURERS The Canadian Studies Centre was visited by Professor Joella Gipson, Canadian citizen, but working in an American university, who has a contract with our university to teach methodology. She talked to our students about Windsor, the town where she lives. She has left a gift of 6 books of Canadian fiction and promised to send over some other books from Canada. She is going to return in May, 2002.






1. Irina Badescu, Ph.D, Professor, Director of the Canadian Studies Centre,

                            Director of Studies for the Canadian Studies MA Program:

                            1-semester course in French Canadian literature and civilisation on the                       

                             CS MA program; 1-semester course on Quebecois literature and civilisation on the Francophone Studies MA program; Paper for the 2nd International Conference of Central European Canadianists: Representations de la communaute- representations de l’individu dans la litterature quebecoise contemporaine.

Organiser of 2nd ICCEC

Recipient of class sets in  Sept. 2001


2. Monica Bottez, PhD, Associate Professor, member for Romania of the Steering Committee of the Central European Network for Canadian Studies: 1-semester course on English Canadian literature and civilisation on  the CS MA program; 1-semester course on North American Intercultural Aspects of English Canadian Literature on the American Studies MA program; 1-semester course on De-scribing the Empire on the British Cultural Studies MA program, 50% on Canadian literature.

Organiser of 2nd ICCEC

Articles and Papers at Conferences:

-Transylvanian Bears in Canadian and Romanian Short Fiction, University of Bucharest Review , 5, 2000.

-         Paper in the published proceedings of the 1st International Conference of CE Canadianists, Brno.

-         Mythological Time in Tay John , English Dept. Conference, UB, 2-4 June 2001,

-         Individual and Community in Howard  O’Hagan’s Tay John and Sheila Watson’s The Double Hook,  2nd ICCEC, Bucharest,Oct. 2001


Lecture tour  in Germany-May 2001; lectures on Margaret Laurence, H.O’Hagan, Sheila Watson, Vanderhaeghe at the Unversities of Marburg, Cologne, Kiel, Trier.


3.   Mihai Coman, PhD, Professor: 1-semester course on the  anthropology of communication on the CS MA

Paper at  the 2nd ICCEC : Un regard sociologique sur le travail des journalistes- les recherches canadiennes.


4.Ion Dragan, PhD, Professor : 1-semester course on  Canadian civilisation and new technologies on the CS MA program

Recipient of class sets in Sept. 2001

Paper at the 2nd ICCEC, with MA student Ana –Maria Petre:L’utilisation d’Internet en tant que moyen de communication interculturelle roumano-canadienne.


5.Daniela Frumusani, Ph.D., Codirector of Studies:1-semester course  on the CS MA program, on Women, Mass-Media and Canadian Society.

On the Organising Committee of 2nd ICCEC

 Books in collaboration with Cana dian and Romanian researchers::

> 1. Daniela Roventa-Frumusani & D. Romain Gaudreault,

> Pour connaitre la> science des signes, Editura Fundatiei Meridian,2001, the following chapters:> "La theorie francaise du signe apres Suasure"- Marie

> Renoue, France;> "Evenements et narration" -Romain Gaudreault, Canada;

> "La semiotique theatrale"- Daniela> Roventa-Frumusani, Roumanie

> "presentation de la semiotique peirceenne"-Bernard

> Favreault & Francois> Latraverse, Canada

Ø      2. Ion Dragan (editor): La Communication du> politique, Paris> l'Harmattan, 1998

Ø      Articles and Papers at Conferences

Ø      Contribution to the Radio –Canada program Regards croises- 21 oct 2001, an interview on Marc Angenot’s last publication

Ø      Presentation at the 2nd ICCEC: La construction identitaire feminine dans la presse ecrite canadienne et roumaine

Ø      Paper included in the publication of the Proceedings of the 1st ICCEC, Brno,1998


Ø      DFAIT  research grant for the project "L'image de la femme dans la presse ecrite roumaine et canadienne", 2001


6.Adina Ruiu, instructor, Secretary of  2nd ICCEC

Paper at the Conference of the French Association of CS, May 2001

Paper at 2nd ICCEC: Honte et denegation de sois au Quebec et en Roumanie- le debat intellecuel des annes 1990


7.Sorina Voiculescu, PhD,Lecturer: University of Timisoara: package course on the Geography of Canada


 Visiting professors  from Canada and Germany delivered courses on Multiculturalism and Interethnic relations, and supervised dissertations: Prof. Gina Stoiciu (UQAM),

Prof. Donna Patrick( Brock U.), Prof. Konrad Gross( U.of Kiel).


 Students chose to write 10 MA dissertations and 2 diploma papers with Canadian subjects.

Other students who presented papers at the 2nd ICCEC:

Mihaela Precup, Aura Deacu- Munteanu




1.      Liviu Cotrau, PhD, Professor : 1-semester course on Canadian poetry,for 4th year students( undergraduate level)

Paper at 2nd ICCEC: Separatism and the politics of multiculturalism in Canada

Current project:  Translation of a selection of English Canadian poets


2.Octavian More, teaching assistant.

Paper at 2nd ICCEC: Parlez-vous Canadien? Issues of the Past, and Perspectives of the Future


3. Mihaela Mudure, PhD, Associate Professor.

One chapter on Canadian Multiculturalism in book entitled Coveting Multiculturalism. Cluj:NapocaStar, 2000


The Poetics of Margaret Atwood's Dystopia. Studia Universitas Babes-Bolyai, nr. 3-4/1996.

Article on The English Patient, a parallel between book and film version , “Micuta fraza.” Convorbiri literare, June, 2000.


Organiser, with Prof. Voichita –Maria Sasu , of Workshop on the topic La prose canadienne , May 4 ,2001.


4. Maria Petrut, lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, Dept. of Foreign Languages,

defended her doctoral thesis entitled Tradition and Experiment in the Postwar Canadian Novel, in Sept. 2001


4.   Voichita-Maria Sasu, PhD, Professor, Director of CS Centre: lectures on French Canadian literature on the Francophone Literatures MA program

Organiser of the workshop mentioned  above.

Organiser of cycle of lectures given by Professors Gilles Dorion and  Ljiljana Matic,

April 2001

Paper at 2nd ICCEC:Feminisme et postmodernisme- Louky Bersianik et France Theoret.

Article:  Itineraire gaspesien/ itineraire createur: Noel Andet, NACS Text Series 16,

Reykjavik, Iceland,2001( proceedings of 1999 NACS Conference)

Translation of excerpt from Eva Le Grand, Kundera ou la memoire du recit, Cartea romaneasca May- June 2001, no 5-6




1.      Constantin Pavel, PhD, Professor, Director of the Canadian Studies Center:  1-semester  course in French Canadian literature ( Francophone Studies MA program)

Paper at 2nd ICCEC:Federalistes et independentistes dans la litterature quebecoise contemporaine


2.Maria Pavel, PhD, Professor, 1-sem. course on  the French language in Canada

(MA level)

Paper at 2nd ICCEC: Batardise et acculturation au Quebec


2.      Rodica Albu, PhD, Professor, 1-sem course on Varieties of Present Day English

(MA level)


-2nf ICCEC: English in Canada- Canadian Representations of Language and Identity

-         -paper at the Inernational Conference for the Study of Variants of English,Freiburg, June 2001);

-         - paper at the 29 th International Conference of Functional -Systemic Linguistics, Ottawa, July,2001


4.Victoria Chicus , MA, instructor

Paper at 2nd ICCEC: Politique linguistique au Quebec


3.      Florin Eduard Irimia, MA, instructor.

Paper  at 2nd ICCEC:  Canadian and American Traits in Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers

-has started working on Doctoral thesis on Canadian postmodernism

Article     “ Changing Worlds”  on L. Cohen in Cultural Observer


Visiting Professors


Danielle FOURNIER – poet, essay writer, teacher of literature at the “Jean – de – Brébeuf “ college of Montreal, gave 3 lectures- on French Canadian literature, on the present language ,culture and civilisation of Quebec, and on the teaching of literature at Canadian universities.

Her program , organised by the CS Center of the AIC University, also included a Poetry Evening at the french Cultural Center,  one lecture at the Lower Danube University of Galati,  2 lectures at the Tomis University of Contanta, a lecture at the Alliance francaise in Costanta, and a visit to the “Carmen Silva “ highschool in Constanta


6 MA dissertations with Canadian Content (Politiques linguistiques au Québec ; Réflexions linguistiques chez les écrivans québécois”; “Diversité dans l ´espace francophone. L´exemple du Canada ”; Le franco québécois. Passé et présent ”; “Réjean Ducharme et l´obsession de la pureté”;  “Les anglicismes en québécois”).



The publication in 2002 of a collective volume: Canadian  Francophonie

4 lectures: Dcember 2001(Maria Pavel), January 2002 (Cristina Petraº), February (Constantin Pavel and Victoria Chicuº)

Journée du Québec (in March), on interdisciplinary topics: history,  language, literature, civilisation, political sciences.




1.Ecaterina–Lia Hantiu, PhD, Associate Professor;1-sem optional course on English Canadian literature, undergraduate level

Paper at 2nd ICCEC: Women and the Modern World in M.Atwood’s Novels




1.      Lucia Zaharescu, lecturer: 1-sem. optional course on Features of the French spoken in Canada, undergraduate level

Project   a new 1-sem optional course on French Canadian Civilisation (undegraduate level)

Paper at 2nd ICCEC: Identité, norme et lexicologie au Québec

Articles: Le français québécois; l'èvolution et les composantes du lexique, American, British and Canadian Studies, Nr.3/2000, Cluj-Napoca.                                                Quelques particularités du français québécois, Cercetari de limba si literatura, tom. XI, / 2001, Imprimeria de Vest publishing House, Oradea.


2.      Horia Capusan, lecturer at the University of Cluj- Napoca: 1-sem.

optional course  on French Canadian Literature, undergraduate level (initiated and delivered until this year by Prof Dr. Voichita -.Maria Sasu).


3.      Anamaria Enescu, instructor, studies and does research in French Canadian literature in order to take the exam  to be admitted to a doctoral program  this field .

She participated in the 2nd ICCEC




1.Margareta Gyurcsik, PhD,Professor –1-sem. MA course L'identité culturelle francophone - le modèle québécois; lectures on Modernité/postmodernité québécoise within the undergraduate course on Francophone literatures.

Paper  at 2nd ICCEC: Une romanciere acadienne fin de siecle- France Daigle.

Articles: Une approche herméneutique de la littérature québécoise, in vol. Wenn Ränder Mitte werden. Zivilization, Literatur und Sprache im interkulturellen Kontext, Viena, WUV, 2001, p. 239-248;  Francophonie et postmodernité: le modèle canadien, in Actes de la I-ère Conférence Internationale des Canadianistes de l'Europe Centrale „Diversité et Multiculturalisme au Canada - Voix de l'Europe Centrale“, novembre 1998, Brno, Brno, Masaryk University, 2001, p. 49-57.


 Project(in cooperation with  I. Minescu, lecturer)  for next term : to introduce lectures on Canadian  history, culture and civilisation within the frame of the VIFAX  program of the Centre of Francophone Studies at the West University using the visual support of the videocassettes offered by Mrs. Elena Filipoiu on behalf of the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest, at the 2nd ICCEC .


2. Luminita Panait, teaching assistant, is working on her doctoral thesis  The Francofonie in the Romance Context (with special reference to  Québec); has under print a study on the      French language in Quebec (in Etudes de linguistique et de littérature française, to appear in January 2002 at the   Timisoara University Press .