Appendix 9


Country report - Yugoslavia




- Visit of Professor Gilles Dorion, University of Laval to the Universities of Novi Sad and Belgrade. Lectures on Canadian Franchophone literature:  Le panorama de la Littérature Québecoise,  Marie-Claire Blais, Anne Hébert, Victor-Levy Beaulieu


- Lectures on "La condition de la femme dans les littératures francophones" - dedicated to La journée internationale de la Francophonie. Regional cooperation project: dr. Voichita Sasu – Centre d'études québécoises et canadiennes, University of Cluj and guest speakers prof.Gilles Dorion (Québec) and Ljiljana Matic (Novi Sad)


- Visit of Professor Nancy Burke, Canadianist, University of Warsaw, to the Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Niksic. Lectures on American - Canadian comparisons - on identity and on urban space as seen in literature




- Visit of Canadian Professor Daphne Naomi Winland, York University. Lectures at: Faculty of Political Sciences, U of Belgrade, Women's Studies Centre. Topics: Ethnicity, Human Rights, Minority and Women in the Context of Canadian society.


- Visit of Canadian Professor Lenard Cohen, Simon Fraser University. Lectures at Belgrade Open School and Embassy resource Centre: Canada Place-Place du Canada. Topic: Canadian Standpoint over the problems in South-Eastern Europe




- Presentation of Margaret Atwood's "Blind Assassin" by Prof. Vesna Lopicic, Canadianist at the Embassy Resource Centre,  Belgrade




- Travelling Book Display (official presentation for local publishers + open for public). Canada Place, Belgrade



- Belgrade International Book Fair. Book launching of "Get on the Top" by Canadian writer David Homel (also lectures by David Homel at the Universities of Nis and Novi Sad and Belgrade

Women's Studies Centre)


- Belgrade International Writers Conference. Participation of Canadian poet David Burnet Smith

Llectures by David Burnet Smith at the University of Belgrade, Novi Sad and University of Nis