Appendix 10



2nd International Conference of Central European Canadianists


Bucharest, Romania

26-28 October 2001


Final Report


The 1st International Conference of Central European Canadianists took place in November 1998 in Brno, the Czech Republic. The second such conference was held between 26-28 October 2001 in Bucharest, Romania.


The event brought together researchers and academics from different fields, but specializing in Canadian Studies. The participants came from 8 Central European countries Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Romania - as well as from Canada, France and Germany. The topic of the conference was "Individual and Community: Canada in the Twentieth Century". Representatives of the Canadian Embassies in the respective Central European countries also took part in the conference, as well as Mr. Jean Labrie, Head, Canadian Studies Section, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. H.E. Raphael Girard, Canadian Ambassador to Romania, hosted a reception for the participants.

The fifty-five papers presented in the three sections of the conference (cultural representations; poetic, dramatic and fictional discourses; politics and institutions; see attached "Programme") led to animated discussions among the approximately 80 participants, to fertile debates and to exchanges of ideas that it is hoped will bear fruit in definite future projects of cooperation. A selection of the papers will be published in the Proceedings of the conference. It. is, however a pity that the initial number of the scholars who registered to present the results of their research (seventy-five) drastically diminished after the international situation created by the events of September 11.


The conference was also a good opportunity to debate in plenary the transformation of the network of Central European specialists in Canadian Studies into a regional association of Central European Canadianists, with the aim of achieving better cooperation and of promoting more extensive research projects involving higher education institutes. The general meeting of the participants pronounced themselves favourable to the idea of transforming the network into a regional association of Central European Canadianists, whose structure and constitution will be established in the months to come.


Two important related events took place at the conference the launch of the first issue of the Central European Journal of Canadian Studies, and of the volume of the Proceedings of the Brno Conference.


The conference was organized by the Canadian Studies Centre of the University of Bucharest on behalf of the Central European Network for Canadian Studies, benefiting from the generous support of the Canadian Government.