Appendix 11




Bucharest, Romania

26 - 28 October 2001




Friday, 26 October


17h00 – 19h00  Plenary Opening of the Conference

Welcoming Addresses: Monica Bottez, Don Sparling, Ioan Mihailescu, H.E.Raphael Girard

18h00-19h00  Keynote Address

Elke Nowak : uqalaqatigit! We have got something to say! Inuit Speak Up Today.

19h00 – 21h00  Reception hosted by H.E. Raphael Girard, Ambassador of Canada


Saturday, 27 October


  9h00 – 11h00  Sessions

11h00 – 11h30  Coffee Break

11h30 – 13h00  Sessions


13h00 – 14h30  Lunch

15h00 – 17h00  Sessions

17h00 – 17h30  Coffee Break

17h30 – 19h00  Sessions


19h00 – 20h30  Dinner

21h00 – 22h00  Performance

Sunday, 28 October 


  8h30 – 10h00  Sessions

10h00 – 11h30  General Meeting of Central European Canadianists

11h30 – 12h30  Closing Plenary Session


12h30 – 14h00  Lunch 

14h00 – 15h30  Departure of participants


The Travelling Book Display and a painting exhibition “From the Danube to the St. Lawrence” by the Romanian artist Mihai Tanciu will be open during the Conference



Saturday, 27 October


9h00 – 11h00


I. Cultural representations in literature   Chair: Vesna Lopicic

Agneszka Rzepa: Cultural and Personal Haunting in Fall on Your Knees and Fugitive Pieces

Milena Horvath: Une Canadienne a Paris: l’ecriture personnelle de Nancy Huston

Margareta Gyurcsik: Une romanciere acadienne fin de siecle: France Daigle

Rodica Albu: English in Canada: Canadian Representations of Language and Identity


II. Society and Its Institutions: Multiculturalism, interculturalism  Chair: Daniela Frumusani

Mihai Coman: Unregard sociologique sur le travail des journalites_les recherches canadiens

Ion Dragan, Ana-Maria Petre: L’utilisation de l’Internet en tant que moyen de communication

interculturelle roumaine-canadienne

Maria Pavel: Batardise et acculturation en Quebec

Marta Kijewska-Trembecka: The Last Polish Immigration Wave to Canada. The Solidarity


III. Communication and Fictional Discourses   Chair: Liviu Cotrau

Ana Olos: Intertextuality and Interdisciplinarity in McLuhan’s Media Books

Milena Kostic: To Eat or to Be Eaten: Margaret Atwood

Tanja Cvetkovic: Between Reality and Fantasy. Different Techniques of Escape in

Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle


11h00 – 13h00 


I.  Cultural Representations in Literature   Chair: Lilijana  Matic

Nancy Burke: The Storyteller in the Community

Klara Kolinska: Trickster Fictions and Subversive Storytelling

Octavian More: Parlez-vous Canadien ? Issues of the Past and Perspectives of the Future


II.  Ethnic Identity  Chair: Kenneth Froehling

John Connor: Renewable Resources, Conservation and the Aboriginal Interest in Atlantic Canada

Alois Hynek,Leona Kovarikova: Teaching the Geography of Canada

Yannick Meunier: Un marche sensible: les ressources archeologiques au Nunavut


III. Fictional Discourses  Chair: Agnieszka Rzepa

Vesna Lopicic: Disintegration of the Great Goddess: The Effect of the Community on Individual Integrity

 in Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride

Ecaterina Hantiu: Women and the Modern World in Margaret Atwood’s Novels

Marija Knezevic: My Pure Raw Self: Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace

Aura Deacu- Munteanu: Individual vs. Society. The Struggle against Social Impositions in Margaret

Atwood’s Works



15h00 – 17h00


I.  Cultural Representations in Literature   Chair: Nancy Burke

Michelle Gadpaille : Metaphor, Meme and MacLennan’s Two Solitudes

Alexandra Clementina Mihailescu: A Comparative Approach to Phono-prosodic Structures in Canadian

Poetry and Iris Murdoch’s Poetry

Liljana Matic: Vision politique d’un franc-tireur: Negovan Rajic


II.  Canadian Identity  Chair: Luan Starova

Victor Kennedy: Canadian Identity in Folk Music of the Sixties

Irena Veljkovic: The Loss of Identity of an Individual. The Integration of an Individual in the Sect as a

Strongly Connected and Organized Community

Lucia Zaharescu: Identite quebecoise - norme et lexicographie

Adina Ruiu : Honte et denegation de soi au Quebec et en Roumanie : le debat intellectuel des annees




III.  Dramatic Discourses  Chair: Irina Badescu


Don Sparling: Society and the Individual in Contemporary Canadian Drama

Katalin Kurtosi: Le Festival de Theatre des Ameriques

Dana Puiu: Theatre sur le teatrum mundi canadien francophone

Mathilde Dargnat: Les Belles-Sœurs de Michel Tremblay: le parti-pris du pop-art



17h30 – 19h00


I. Cultural Representations in Literature   Chair: Margaret Gyurcsik


Anna Branach-Kallas: Individual vs. Community. Rewriting National Myths in Jane Urquhart’s The


Diana Yankova, Elka Goranova: Discovering Canada and Having Fun

Monica Bottez: Individualism and Communal Feeling in Howard O’Hagan’s Tay John and Sheila

Watson’s The Double Hook

II.   Politics and Institutions  Chair: John Connor


Kenneth Froehling: The Regionalisation of Canadian Federal Elections and the Decline in Voter Turnout

Magda Paluszkiewicz – Misiaczek: Contribution of Canadian Women to War Effort

Ioan Les: La legislation civile de Quebec et son influence sur le droit roumain

Victoria Chicus: Politique linguistique au Quebec


III.  Poetic and Fictional Discourses  Chair: Miroslav Jindra


Catarzyna Spiechlanin: The Speaker in the Poetry of Leonard Cohen

Horea Nascu: Leonard Cohen: Reasons to Kill

Florin Irimia: Canadian and American Traits in Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers


Sunday ,28 October

8h30 – 10h00


I. Cultural Representations in Literature   Chair: Katalin Kurtosi

Constantin Pavel: Federalistes et independistes dans la litterature quebecoise cotemporaine

Miroslav Jindra: Canadian Poetry and the Road to Canadian Identity

Irina Badescu: Representations de la communaute – representations de l’individu dans la litterature

quebecoise contemporaine


II. Politics and Society  Chair: Aleksander Kustec

Luan Starova: Balkanisation et mondialisation

Anna Reczynska: The Analysis of Polish Publications Concerning Canada
Liviu Cotrau:  Separatism and the Politics of Multiculturalism in Canada

Valentina Rucnov: Canadian Social and Political Pluralism in the 20th Century


III. Feminist Discourses  Chair: Michelle Gadpaille

Voichita- Maria Sasu : Feminisme et postmodernisme : Louky Bersianik et France Theoret

Daniela Frumusani : La construction identitaire feminine dans la presse ecrite canadienne et roumaine

Luca Rossi : Female Identities in Early 20th Century Canadian Novels




10h00-11h30  - General Meeting of Central European Canadianists


11h30-12h30  - Closing Plenary Session


Myrna Kostash: The Next Canada: In Search of the Future Nation