Appendix 2


Country report – the Czech Republic


(October 2001 – February 2002)


The main event related to Canadian Studies in the Czech Republic in the period since October 2001 was a one-day seminar for Canadianists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia held in Brno on 5 February. Organized by the Canadian Studies Centre at Masaryk University, it had a two-fold aim: to bring together as many Canadianists as possible from the two countries in order to inform them of recent developments in the two countries as well as the Central European region, and to provide a forum for the presentation of five papers dealing with some fundamental aspects of Canadian culture, literature, political life and society.


The seminar was attended by thirty-five Canadianists from thirteen universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as representatives of the Canadian Embassy in Prague and the Canadian Ambassador in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Margaret Huber, who opened the event. The papers presented at the sessions were lively and controversial, and evoked extended discussions, cut short only by the need to proceed to the closing reception. It was agreed by all that the seminar had been an important event in moving forward Canadian Studies in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and it is hoped that it will be the first of a regular series of annual events, to be held at different universities throughout the two countries in the coming years. The seminar was made possible thanks to the support of the Canadian Embassy in Prague, Masaryk University, the Centre for Canadian Studies at Masaryk University and the Department of English and American Studies at Masaryk University.






Canadian Studies Seminar

Masaryk University, Brno

5 February 2002






Arrival in Brno and booking in at the University Hotel, Rectorate MU, Zerotinovo nam. 9




Seminar sessions, in the Velka zasedaci sin, 3rd floor Rectorate MU


14:00  Opening words – Her Excellency Margaret Huber, Canadian Ambassador to the Czech

      Republic and Slovakia


Developments in Canadian Studies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the CE region –

      Alain Latulippe, Magdalena Rosova,  Don Sparling




14:45 – 16.15


Petr Kylousek (Brno) – National emancipation at the cultural periphery: the case of Quebec


Maria Huttova (Bratislava) – Current trends in Canadian Anglophone literature


Maxmilian Strmiska (Brno) – Canada: federalism, regionalism and the role of political



16.15      - 16.30  Coffee break


16.30 – 17:30 


Miroslav Jindra (Prague) – “Dejiny Kanady”: Canadian history and culture through the eyes

      of two Czechs


Don Sparling (Brno) – Why is Canada different? – A consideration of Canada distinctiveness




Reception hosted by Her Excellency Margaret Huber, Canadian Ambassador to the Czech

      Republic and Slovakia


18:00 – 21.00 – Besedni dum, (Komenskeho nam. 6, entrance from Husova street – the

      concert hall)




One other important event was the vist to the Caech Republic of Wajdi Mouawad, one of Quebec’s best-know young dramatists, and winner of the Governor Genral’s Prize for his play Littoral. It was in connection with the publication of a Czech translation of this play that he had been invited to the Czech Republic. Mouawad had readings from his work at theatres in Prague and Brno, spoke to students at Masaryk University in Brno, and gave interviews to a number of newspapers and journals.