Appendix 3      


Country Report - Hungary



THE UNIVERSITY OF BUDAPEST   The English Department offers Canadian Studies on all three levels (B.A., M.A and PhD) including courses on Québec (in co-operation with the French Department).


Jakabfi Anna offers different courses on Canadian literature.

She launched the program and is the first one who ever taught about Canada.


Kniezsa Veronika teaches Canadian-English in the frame of courses on English outside England, and also directs an Academy research program in linguistics examining this topic.


Kenyeres János teaches issues of literary theory focusing on Northrop Frye and Marshall MacLuhan. He wrote his "Academy PhD on this topic and keeps publishing in this field.


Kodó Krisztina without a university affiliation finished her PhD dissertation, which is a comparative study of R. Davies and Shakespeare. She is going to defend her thesis this spring. One of her evaluators is Prof. David Staines from the University of Ottawa.


Tóth András graduated in the Canadian Studies program, wrote his M.A. thesis on the work of Atwood, Hodgins, A. Van Herk, interested in the internet in Canada, at present is working on his PhD thesis on French poetry.


Kádár Krisztina writes her PhD thesis on Québec literature and is an active member in the Canadian Studies program.




Pödör Dóra is a linguist and is a member of the Academy research group on the varieties of English. She keeps giving papers at different conferences.


Vajk Zsuzsanna without university affiliation wants to write her PhD thesis on Antonine Maillet.




Oláh Tibor teaches courses on Québec culture and language.




Molnár István teaches a course on Canadian confederational law.




Martonyi Éva teaches Québec literature.








Molnár Judit has been teaching Canadian literature since 1984. She has been the director of the Canadian Studies centre since 1986. She teaches an introductory course to Canadian Studies, a survey course on Canadian literature, an interdisciplinary course on multiculturalism and regionalism. Her interests are Anglophone literature in Québec, and the cross-cultural experience in Canadian literature.


Szaffkó Péter teaches Canadian theater and drama, keeps translating Canadian fiction and drama, and is editing a volume of English-Canadian drama in Hungarian translation.


Szilágyi Szabolcs works on his PhD thesis on English-Canadian drama, is involved in translation projects.


Marosvári Mária from the French Department intends to do research in sociolinguistics and is planning to introduce a course on Québec culture.




Kürtösi Katalin has been teaching Canadian literature since 1985. Her interest are interculturalism-muliculuturalism, and is presently working on a book. Translated a novel from French, and a play from English. She used to be the Hungarian representative on the steering committee of Central European Canadianists. She succesfully defended her "habilitation thesis" on a comparative topic between Canadian and USA drama. She visited Erfurt, Dresden, and Jena lecturing in English and French on "Natives in Canadian Theatre" and "Le theatre et l'identite quebecois". She in Erasmus exchange teaches at Martin Luther University in Halle about Canadian Theatre.




Vígh Árpád teaches Québec literature, edits Cahiers Francophones d'Europe Centre-Orientale, the last issue of which came out last month. He launched his book L'écriture Maria Chapdelaine (Le style de Louis Hémon et les éxpications dés québecisms) in Québec City in January.


Simonffy Zsuzsa teaches a history of Québec literature, does research on Anne Hébert. She also deals with anglicisms in Québec French. She is the director of the Canadian Studies Centre.


Horváth Miléna is a PhD student in francophone literature, teaches courses on Québec writing.



Szalay Edina teaches Canadian literature. She spent 3 months at the Canadian Studies Centre in Ottawa.




Kádár Judit teaches an introductory course on multiculturalism, participated in a legal assistance programme with Queens University, organized the Forum of the Young Canadianists in May 2OO1.








Hungarian Canadianist had a meeting in Debrecen  in the fall in order to get to know each other and to make plans for the future, and possible collaboration. It was well-attended. Ivon Turcotte ( Political Counsellor), Rodé Eszter (Cultural and Education Officer) from the Canadian Embassy present were also present. Drama performance, and poetry readings were also part of the program.


This meeting was followed by another one in Budapest in December organized by the Canadian Embassy. Various issues were discussed: a selection of participants of the Grainau conference was made,  ICCS-DFAIT, etc. In the evening, the Ambassador of Canada, Marta Moszczenska gave a reception at the Embassador's Residence.


In November Charlotte Sturgess from the University of Strabourg guest-lectured in Szeged on Postmodern elements in Canadian Fiction.


Our web page has been created:



Profesor Tibor Egervari (University of Ottawa) taught for three months a course on Canadian drama in Debrecen last fall.



Future events



Topic: Continentalism and Nationhood

Budapest, February 18-19, 2002





European Canadian Studies Conference

Topic: Canada in the European Mind (multi,-interdisciplinary approaches are welcome)

October 24-27, 2002

Dead-line for sign-up 28th February, 2002

Abstracts should be sent to:


Students drama festival (February 14-17, 2002) is going to host the drama performing group from Valleyfield, Ontario. Students from the French department will go there in the fall and a possible exchange program is on the way to be established.


Douglas Barbour (poet, critic) from the university of Edmonton will give lectures and talks at various universities in the spring.


There is going to be a poster exhibition on Contemporary Canadian Theatre in Debrecen. (April 26th) A play by Thompson Christen: I Claudia will also be performed by Debrecen students, and it will go to Pecs, Szeged and Budapest as well. The event will be attended by Patricia Keeney (poet) Don Robin (who is going to teach this year for three months) drama critic, Dennis Johnston (drama critic) and Bill Glassco (director)



An "Indian Day" will be held at the University of Pecs May, 2002.

The Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (published in Debrecen) will have a special issue on Canada. It is edited by Judit Molnar and David Staines. Articles are still accepted it should be sent to both editors (a hard copy and a disk). MLA 1999 is to be used.