Appendix 4


Country Report - Poland


                                                             (October 2001—February 2002)



Toruñ: N. Copernicus University: CANADIAN RESOURCES CENTER is now run jointly by the English and French Depts. of the Nicholaus Copernicus University. This semester the Center is offering to the academic community open lectures on Quebecois and English-Canadian literature (given in English, French, and Polish). The centre will also host a number of guest lecturers (guests include prof. G. Brulotte and the poets Serge Patrice Thibodeau and Douglas Barbour). The Center library is now receiving (through the Canadian Embassy) “Books in Canada,” “Canadian Global Almanach, ”Etudes Litteraires,” “International Journal of Canadian Studies,” “Journal of Canadian Studies,” and “Lettres quebecoises.” The part of the Center book collection referring to French-speaking Canada will soon be enriched.


Dr. Miros³awa Buchholtz taught an M.A. seminar on North American short story last semester. She is supervising two M.A. theses on Canadian literature.


Katowice: University of Silesia: Dr Tomasz Sikora has introduced Canadian content to his course on literatures in English taught to students of the Psychology/Pedagogy Dept.


The Canadian Resources Centre cooperates in teaching interdisciplinary Canadian courses with the Jagiellonian Universtity. In the fall semester 2001/2 the following courses were taught at the Centre: M.A. Seminar:  “Transcultural / crosscultural/ diasporic  identities” (13 students); Pro-seminar : “English Canadian Postcolonial Complexities”  (12 students); Minority Literatures (Canadian and Australian Minority / Ethnic literatures; -80% Canadian content; 40 students)

 The library of the Canadian Resources Center is now receiving (through the Canadian Embassy) “Books in Canada” and “Maclean’s Magazine.”


Mr Krzysztof Jarosz (French Dept.) will be giving lectures on „20th c. Quebec Novel” throughout the semester.


Kraków: Jagiellonian University: The Chair for Canadian Studies headed by Prof. Anna Reczyñska has developed extensive cooperation with the Canadian Resources Center at the Silesian University in Katowice. This semester they are continuing the successful interdisciplinary lecture series “An Introduction to Canadian Studies”. Prof. Anna Reczyñska is teaching a course on the history of Canada. The library of the Chair for Canadian Studies is now receiving (through the Canadian Embassy) “Canadian Global Almanach” and “Canadian Historical Review,” “International Journal of Canadian Studies,” “Journal of Canadian Studies,” and “Macleans Magazine.”


Poznañ: Adam Mickiewicz University: Ms Dagmara Drewniak has successfully defended a Ph.D. dissertation on “'Imaginary Homelands' Lost and Found in the Selected Texts of the Postcolonial Literature Written in English.” The dissertation includes discussions of selected works by Michael Ondaatje.

The library of the English Dept. of AMU subscribes now to the journal “Canadian Literature” and (through the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw) to “International Journal of Canadian Studies” and “Journal of Canadian Studies.”


Warsaw: the University of Warsaw: This semester Prof. Nancy Burke is teaching a course on Contemporary Canadian Novel and Short Story (18 students).

The Canadian Resources Center library is now receiving (through the Canadian Embassy) “Canadian Global Almanach, “International Journal of Canadian Studies,” and “Journal of Canadian Studies.”


Prof. Marek Go³êbiowski taught the course on “Canada: History and Culture” last semester.

At the Centre of French Canadian Literature at the Institute of Romance Languages and Literature prof. Józef Kwaterko is teaching a one-semester course (winter semester 2001/2002) titled “Fin de siècle littéraire au Québec” (12 students). The Center library is now receiving (through the Canadian Embassy) “L’actualite,” ”Etudes Litteraires,” “Lettres quebecoises” and “Voix et images.”


University of £ódŸ: Prof. Krzysztof Andrzejczak is teaching a new seminar “Canada Now and Then” on English-Canadian prose; and a similar M.A. seminar (9 students). Prof. Krzysztof Andrzejczak and dr Dorota Filipczak are teaching  a seminar on Canadian literature and literary criticism. Dr Dorota Filipczak is teaching an M.A. seminar on Canadian postcolonial literature. The library of the English Dept. is now receiving (through the Canadian Embassy) “Books in Canada” and “Journal of Canadian Studies.”


Last semester dr. Wies³aw Oleksy taught the course on "Technology and Society in the United States and Canada" at the Dept. of International Relations.


Canadian Resources Center in £ódŸ organized the section on “Canadian Perception of Globalization" during the international conference "American Culture in the Era of Globalization" (20-23 Oct. 2001); five papers were read in the section.


Pu³tusk/Lublin: Dr Jadwiga Zwolak is teaching one semester courses (consisting of a series of lectures) on „Canadian Foreign Policy 1931 – 1993” (c. 25 participants) and “International Relations in the Western Hemisphere” (some Canadian content).


Prof. Henryk Zins gives lectures on the history of Canada in the M. Wañkowicz School of Journalism in Lublin.



·        Prof. Nancy Burke gave a lecture on “Post colonial literature in Canada” at the Maria-Curie Sk³odowska University in Lublin.


·         Prof. Józef Kwaterko has delivered lectures at:

·         Université Fédérale de Rio de Janeiro-Niteroi: (1)„Identité et extra-territorialité: sur quelques stratégies textuelles du roman québécois contemporain” (le 5 novembre 2001); (2) „Récits des immigrés et récits ‘migrants’ au Québec (le cas de Régine Robin et d’Émile Ollivier)” (le 6 novembre 2001); (3) „En quête d’une position de langage: l’hétérogénéité énonciative dans le roman au Québec” (le 7 novembre 2001)

Université de l’État de Sao Paulo: „Le roman au Québec: vers de nouveaux enjeux interculturels” (le 8 novembre 2001)


·         Prof. Kwaterko participated also in the conference organized by Université Fédérale de Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Allegre), VI Congrès de l’Association brésilienne d’études canadiennes/ Brazilian Association of Canadian Studies – „Transculturalismes” (11-14 novembre 2001), during which he read a paper titled „De l’interculturel à l’intraculturel: l’imaginaire identitaire chez les romanciers haïtiens du Québec” and sat on the panel of Groupe International de Recherche de ICCS/CIEC: Tranculturalisms/Transfers culturels


·         Dr Eugrnia Sojka (Sosnowiec) read her paper “Cannibalism and Cannibalisation a la Canadienne.”  Spoiling Cannibals’ Fun?  at the “Cannibalism and Cannibalisation in Culture and Elsewhere” Conference.  University of Silesia. Ustron,  21-22 September, 2001.


·         Ms Katarzyna Juchnowicz (Pi³a) read papers at the following conferences:

o        September 2001: "10 Séminaire Européen des Étudiants Diplômes en Études Canadiennes" (Université d'Avignon); paper: "Centricity, Animacy Hierarchy and Super-animate Entities in Canadian Indian Heroic Mythic Narratives"; the paper is in press

o        October 2001: "VIII European Multidisciplinary Seminar on Canadian Studies, 'The Great Mosaic'  (Universita' di Messina); paper: “Trickster Figures, Life and Death Cycles, and Explanatory Motifs in Selected Canadian Indian Trickster Stories".



·         Prof. Nancy Burke’s paper on Canadian Native Peoples' identity in literature was published in December on the Internet at

 The paper was originally read at a plenary session of World Literature Conference in Moscow in April 2001.


·         Prof. Józef Kwaterko’s recent publications:

1.       „Clivages, ex-centricité et nomadisme: l’imaginaire de l’espace dans le roman québécois contemporain” in Frontières flottantes. Lieu et espace dans les cultures francophones du Canada / Shifting Bounadaries. Place and Space in the Francophone Cultures of Canada (eds. Jaap Lintvelt and François Paré), Rodopi, Amsterdam/Atlanta, 2001.

2.       „Les études francophones et québécoises en Pologne. Défiances, paternalismes, opportunités”, Globe. Revue internationale d’études québecoises, vol 4, no 2, 2001, pp. 2-13 (à paraître en mai 2002)

3.       „L’imaginaire diasporique chez les romanciers haïtiens du Québec”, Bayreuther Francophonie Studies (vol. 5/2002) numéro spécial „Le Québec et l’ailleurs: aperçus culturels et littéraires” (dir. Robert Dion et Véronique Porra) – a paraître en mars 2001.


Prof. Kwaterko has also contributed a number of entries to the new Polish encyclopedia Wielka Encyklopedia Powszechna (including: Literatura kanadyjska w jêzyku francuskim; Kanada: teatr francuskojêzyczny)


·         Dr Jadwiga Zwolak published an article titled  „Pozycja Kanady we wspó³czesnych stosunkach miêdzynarodowych” [„The Role of Canada in Contemporary International Relations”] in Stosunki Miêdzynarodowe [International Relations], vol 20, Warszawa 1999, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.


·         Dr Eugenia Sojka’s article “Canadian Feminist Writing and American Poetry” was published in Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal 3.2 (2001). Thematic Issue, Intercultural Negotiations in the Americas and Beyond  Eds. Barbara Buchenau and Marietta Messmer.”  CLCWeb: Comparative Available at:


·         Articles by Nancy Burke, Józef Kwaterko, Marta Kijewska-Trembecka, Anna Reczyñska, Krzysztof Jarosz, and Anna Branach-Kallas appeared in the Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Central European Canadianists; an article by Jadwiga Zwolak, and reviews by Józef Kwaterko, Maciej Abramowicz, and Anna Branach-Kallas appeared vol.1 of „Central European Journal of Canadian Studies”



·         Prof. Nancy Burke has given a number of successful poetry readings in Poland and abroad (e.g. in December in Toronto off-campus at University of Toronto). Her writer’s evening in Warsaw (Dec. 13th 2001) was sponsored by Polish Writers Association and Canadian Embassy. During the evening the Canadian Ambassador gave a brief speech. Other Embassy representatives were also present. Prof. Burke read her poetry in English, while a celebrated Polish actress Teresa Budzisz-Krzy¿anowska read the Polish translations of the poems.

·         Since march 2001 Prof. Józef Kwaterko is a member of  Groupe International de Recherche „Transculturalisms / Transfers culturels” (group leader: Zila Bernd), International Council for Canadian Studies/ Conseil International des Études canadiennes; and since December 2001 he is a member of the Editorial Board of the Collection: Études canadiennes/Canadian Studies, PIE-Peter Lang S.A.- Éditions scientifiques européennes (ed. Serge Jaumin).

·         in November 2001 Canadian ambassador, the Honourable Donald McLennan, spoke to over 200 students at the University of Warsaw, Institute of English Studies, on the role of Canada in Poland and in the world

·         three new members (two scholars and one high-school student) have joined the Polish Association for Canadian Studies in recent months

·         PACS was asked to express its opinion on FRP/FEP grant projects.

·         PACS has launche its web page (very basic at this point but to be extensively developed) at



Compiled by dr Agnieszka Rzepa (PACS secretary & representative in the Steering Committee)