Appendix 5


Country Report - Romania


The great event of last semester was, of course, the 2nd International Conference of Central European Canadianists, INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITY: CANADA IN THE 20TH CENTURY, held in Bucharest, October 26-28 2001, which drew a large Romanian participation: 24 papers presented in all sessions of the conference.


University of Cluj


Voichita Maria Sassu  taught in Limoges, France, within the framework of a Socrates programme, classes on the poets Saint-Denis-Garneau and Gaston Miron (November 2001).

She was also the moderator of a workshop with presentations of French Canadian and English Canadian writers (December 14, 2001).


University of Iasi


The French Department set up a research group working on Francophone Spaces: Language and Literature, within which Rodica Albu presented the paper “Reflet et réflexion linguistique dans le roman québéquois”) and an MA student, a book review on Lise Gauvin: L’engagement. L’écrivain et la langue au Québéc, Montréal: Boréal, 2000.


Together with the French Institute in Iasi it will organize Les jours de la Francophonie, March 20-23, where Gilles Dorion, Ljiljiana Matiè (University of Novi Sad) as well as Irina Badescu, Voichita Maria Sassu and Maria Pavel will give lectures.


West University, Timisoara


- The publication of 3 articles  in the journal "Dialogues francophones", nr. 7/2001,Timisoara,  West University Press

   *Luminita Panait (West University, Timisoara): Le discours public

sur la langue au Québec.

    *Andreea Balogh ( Tibiscus University, Timisoara): Le style de Réjean Ducharme

   *André Maindron (Université de Poitiers): Ce plagiaire de Gaetan Brulotte ou l'écriture comme aphrodisiaque.

The events held during Les jours de la Francophonie will include a lecture given by Margareta Gyurcsik “ Voix de la francophonie contemporaine: France Daigle (Acadie)".


University of Bucharest


Sorina Voiculescu, West University, Timisoara, came to give an  Introductory Course in Canadian Geography to the Canadian Studies MA students (January 2002).


Konrad Gross, University of Kiel, will give a Course on Multiculturalism to the same students in March 2002. He will also lecture at the University of Sibiu.


Mathilde Dargnat (France) will give two lectures in the spring.


A new course will be first introduced this year: Introduction to Canadian History and Politics, with Monica Bottez as lecturer and Adina Ruiu as teacher assistant and the visual support of the video casettes offered by the Canadian Embassy (February – April 2002).


Gilles Dorion will give the MA students 2 lectures on Roch Carrier’s La guerre, yes Sir, and Jacques Poulain’s Les Grandes marées (March 25-30, 2002). He will also give lectures at the University of Cluj.


The English Department has launched an invitation to all Romanian Canadianists (both anglophone and Francophone) to participate in its conference Orientalism and Occidentalism, Bucharest, June 6-8, 2002, thus initiating a national session of Canadianists that could be hosted by the annual conference of another university every year.