Appendix 6


Country report - Slovakia


Comenius University, Bratislava


- In the Winter Term of 2001/02 the Canadian Studies Centre of Comenius University offered two courses on Canadian literature (A Historical Survey of Canadian Literature and Contemporary Canadian Novel, both given by M. Huttova, PhD.) There were 13 students who signed up for these courses.

- In November the Centre hosted  two guests: Prof. D. Staines, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts in Ottawa, who gave a lecture on contemporary Canadian literature and Roman Mukherjee, a former government official, who gave a lecture on the implementation of multicultural policies in Canada.  The leading Slovak journal Cultural Life (Kultúrny život) published a full-page interview with Prof. Staines.   

- M. Gazdik and M. Huttova are now working on a special issue of the Slovak journal Revue svetovej literatury (The Review of World Literature) dedicated to Canadian literature, which will come out in June.

- There is one PhD student doing her first year and working on her doctoral thesis on Carribean Canadian Literature.

- In the Spring Term there will be two courses : The Canadian Short Story, and Canadian History, Culture and Multiculturalism.  We will also host several visitors from Canada – the arrangements for these visits are in progress.

- The library has been extended by about 50 titles thanks to two Canadian government book donations and gifts from visitors. The library provieds services to all University students, especially those doing seminar papers and diploma theses  related to Canada.


Matej Bel University, Banska Bystrica


- A new centre for Canadian Studies  has been established in Banska Bystrica at the  University of Matej Bel), with three teachers doing the courses with Canadian content. Its activities are just beginning. There will be close cooperation between Bratislava and Banska Bystrica, such as exchanges of  teachers and visitors and use of facilities and resources.