Appendix 7 Country Report - Slovenia In Slovenia, Canadian Studies are available in various forms at the two main university campuses: the University of Ljubljana and the University of Maribor.  At the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, a full course in Canadian Literature and Culture is offered to third-year students. In addition, students do individual work on Canadian topics under the supervision of Drs. Igor Maver and Mirko Jurak.  Five diplomas (B.A. theses) have been written this past year on Canadian Literature: these subjects included Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Mordecai Richler and Margaret Laurence. One M.A. thesis is currently underway at this faculty. The English Department also has a young Canadian scholar -Jason Blake - teaching there this year.   In Maribor, Canadian Studies happens at the small Canadian Studies Institute at the Pedagogical Faculty. There is currently no course with solely Canadian content, but Canadian literature is studied in the fourth year along with North American Literature and World Literature in English. Recently Canadian drama made its first appearance on the reading list for Modern Drama. As in Ljubljana, diploma work has taken place in Canadian studies: recent diplomas have included work on Canadian writers such as Alice Munro, W. O. Mitchell, Jane Urquhart and Margaret Laurence.   The Canadian Institute increased its book holdings this year with a grant of class sets (for use in the 4th year courses), and with an unsolicited, but very welcome, gift of books about foreign policy which arrived in April 2002.  Although the Institute applied for an Intern in 2001, this application was not among those chosen to be filled. We plan to apply again this year, and hope to get a bright young person to run our English conversation club, teach some Canadian culture lessons and participate in community outreach activities such as local school visits. After the successful visit of a Canadian writer in 2001 (the poet Di Brandt came in May 2001), we hope for another collaboration to bring more Canadian talent. Plans are underway for a cooperative application between the Universities of Ljubljana and Maribor.  A diplomatic success was the visit in February 2002 of the Chair of the English Department in Maribor (Dr. Dunja Jutronic) to Queen’s University in Kingston. Dr. Jutronic made contact with members of the English and Philosophy Departments there, and spoke with their International Affairs Department about establishing some sort of cooperative relationship between the institutions.  A research project is underway as part of the English Department’s effort to reinvigorate its offerings on the pedagogical side. To this end, Dr. Michelle Gadpaille has applied for a FRP grant to conduct intercultural research on the training and knowledge of student teachers in Slovenia and Canada. Dr. Gadpaille wants to compare conceptions of literary meaning - not just what, but how students in both countries think literature can have meaning. The initial stages of the project have begun, although the Department is waiting to hear if it has received the grant enabling travel.