Appendix 8


Country report - Yugoslavia


Since February 2001 Yugoslav Canadianists have been represented by the Yugoslav Association for Canadian Studies (YACS), which now numbers over 30 members, almost all of them university teachers. The aim of YACS is to increase the knowledge of Canadian culture by means of lectures, conferences and scholarly cooperation between Yugoslav and Canadian scholars, as well as Canadianist from all over the world. All activities of Yugoslav Canadianists are supported in different and constructive ways by the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade. In 2001 YACS hosted a number of visitors and lecturers who expressed a warm wish to come again.


The Central European Canadianists Conference in  Bucharest in October 2001 was attended by four YACS members from both Yugoslav republics: Ljiljana Matic, Vesna Lopicic, and Tanja

Cvetkovic from Serbia, and Marija Knezevic from Montenegro. Bojka Djukanovic (Montenegro) and Vesna Lopicic (Serbia) took an active part in the Grainau meeting in February 2002.


The short period between these two meetings was used mainly for planning future activities. The incentive to start the first Centre for Candian Studies at the University of Nis is still struggling with red tape. The  Canadianists at the University of Niksic in Montenegro are planning a new

course on Canadian Studies. The translation of the book The Doomed Bridegroom by Myrna Kostash has been completed and it now awaits publication by SKC Nis. A Belgrade publisher, CLIO, published a translation of Urquhart's The Underpainter, and prepared Tsubaki, a novel by Aki Shimazaki. In February 2002, Canadian culture was also represented at the FEST, an annual

international film festival in Belgrade, by two Canadian films: Maelstrom and Mental Explosion.