University of Bucharest

  1. Contact person: Irina Badescu, Daniella Frumusani (see 6 below)

  2. History: The Masters Program in Canadian Studies offered at the University of Bucharest is a graduate level, interdisciplinary program. Founded in 1997, the Masters Program graduated 10 students in its inaugural year. The program is currently mid-way through its second academic year and has 13 full- time students enrolled. The program consists of eight courses offered in four constituent departments. In addition to completing course work, each student is required to complete a thesis under the supervision of one of the 7 faculty members currently affiliated with the program.

  3. Current teaching: Participating faculties include the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (both the English and French Departments), the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies, and the Faculty of Sociology.

  4. Library: Approximately 650 titles -- including novels, journals, anthologies, and literary criticism.

  5. Survey of courses currently offered

  6. For more information on the teachers and courses, click on the following:

    Here is more on the research programme on Canadian Studies at the university.

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