University of the West, Timisoara

  1. Contact person: Margareta Gyurcsik (see 6 below)

  2. History: The Centre for Francophone Studies was established in 1994. A large portion of its activities is devoted to Canadian Studies. The members of the Centre are teachers in the university's Department of French, who give courses in French-Canadian literature and carry out research in the following fields: Quebec literature, Acadian literature, and multiculturalism in Québec. The Centre publishes a review of Francophone Studies - Dialogues francophones. Number 4/1998 includes a section devoted to Québec and Acadian literatures.

  3. Current teaching: Courses on Francophone literatures have been taught at the Department of Romance Languages. In both courses, an important place is given to Québec literature and culture.

  4. Library: approximately 100 books in the library of the Centre for Francophone Studies, the French lectorat and the central university library. Includes literature, anthologies of literary texts, monographs and literary critisism relating to Québec and Acadia.

  5. Survey of courses currently offered

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