University of Ljubljana

  1. Contact person: Aleksander Kustec, Department of English and American Studies (see 6 below)

  2. History: Yearly lectures in Canadian literature were introduced by full-time Prof. Dr. Mirko Jurak, the pioneer of Canadian studies in the Republic of Slovenia, in 1985. Since then, though not every year due to programme changes, he has offered a course Canadian Literature, which has been offered only to undergraduate English students (in the 5/6 or 7/8 semester).

  3. Current teaching: One course in the Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts.

  4. Library: About 1000 volumes (Department of English and American Studies). One can find books on literature (particularly modern Canadian writers), multiculturalism, literary criticism and history. It is accessible on-line (in English or Slovene) through:

    The library at the Department of English and American Studies keeps these Canadian periodicals:

    a) regular:

    b) occasional:

  5. Survey of courses currently offered

  6. For more information on the teachers and courses, click on the following:

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