One of the aims of the Central European network is to make the best possible use of the region's resources, both material and personal. For that reason, we welcome offers from Central European Canadianists to go to other centers and countries in the region to give lecturers or teach courses. What follows is a list of those who have already volunteered. Any others who wishes to do so should get in touch with Petr Vurm at

Donisa, Carmen

Institution  University "Al I Cuza" Iasi, Faculty of Geography and Geology

Address Bd. Carol I 20 A, 6600- Iasi, Romania






Main subjects of interest: Environmental  Sciences

Possible topics for lectures: Environmental Chemistry, Soil Chemistry, Heavy Metals in  the Environment.

Possible topics for seminars: (please indicate the length of the seminar - e.g. one day, two days, etc.) 2 days. Environmental Problems in Eastern Europe. Heavy metal pollution  in Romania; sources, solutions to improve the quality of the enviroment 

Period: summer 2001 (June-September)

Region in which you would prefer to travel: Western Europe, Canada



Kürtösi, Katalin

Institution   University of Szeged, Department of Comparative Literature

Address  Szeged, Egyetem U. 2, H-6722, Hungary


 Tel.  36-62-319-340 (HOME), 36-62-544-473 (OFFICE)

 Fax 36-62-544-387



Main subjects of interest:  drama, theatre.

Possible topics for lectures:  Canadian drama and theatre, metadrama in Canada, bilingualism, ethnic writing.

Possible topics for seminars: two days canadian plays of the 1980s

Period when you would prefer to travel:  september-october, march-april

Region in which you would prefer to travel: no preferences



Szaffkó Péter

Institution                   Institution of English and American Studies

                                    University of Debrecen

Address                       Egyetem tér 1.


                                    H-4010 Hungary

Tel./Fax                      +36 52 431 147



Main subjects of interest: English-Canadian theatre and drama, Postcolonial theatre and drama, Teaching drama
Possible topics for lectures: History and Canadian drama, History of Canadian theatre, George Ryga, George F. Walker, alternative theatre, collective creations

Possible topics for seminars: Any of the above topics in whatever time is available

Period when you would prefer to travel: No special preference

Region in which you would prefer to travel: Any part of Central Europe where there is interest in Canadian theatre and drama.


Voichita-Maria Sasu

Institution:"Babes-Bolyai"  University of Cluj-Napoca(Romania),Faculty of Letters

Adress(personal):Mehedinti 4,sc.II,appt.17,3400 Cluj-Napoca,Romania

Telephone: 40 64 425 767



Main subject of interest: Quebec Literature

Possible topics for lectures: Laure Conan, Anne Hebert, Hubert Aquin

Possible topics for seminars: Quebec-Le roman du terroir  ; three days

Period to travel : autumn (Oct.-Nov.)

Region : Western and Central Europe



Kwaterkó, Jozef

Institution: Universite de Varsovie, Institut d'Etudes Romanes

Address: 00-332 Warszawa, rue Obozna 8

Tel. (48.22) 826.6404

Fax (4822) 826.6404



Main subjects of interest: Litterature, histoire, arts au Quebec et au Canada francais; litterature francophone des Antilles (etudes comparees Quebec/Caraibes francophones), ociocritique, analyse du discours social

Possible topics for lectures:  Recits des immigrants et ecriture "migrante" au Quebec", "Les enjeux interculturels dans la litterature quebecoise"; "Langue et identite au Quebec: une trajectoire romanesque"; "Les modalites de l'inscription de l'espace urbain dans le reciit quebecois depuis 1960"; "Regine Robin et l'ecriture nomade"; "Le questionnement identitaire dans les romans montrealais de Gabrielle Roy"; " Discours de l'alienation et roman quebecois

des annees 1960"; "Les romanciers quebeco-haitiens: la problematique du

metissage sociodiscursif de la fiction"

Possible topics for seminars: 1 ou 2 journees (de 2 a 4-6 heures): "Litterature et societe

canadiennes-francaises"; "Sociocritique du roman francophone des Ameriques:

le cas du Quebec"

Period when you would prefer to travel: NON en 2001. En 2002 ou 2003 (le mois de mai, de preference)

Region in which you would prefer to travel: Bratislava (Rep. Slovaque); Prague, Brno (Republique Tcheque); Ljubljana (Rep. Slovene); Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Pecs (Republique Hongroise); Vilna (Republique de la Lituanie), Riga (Lettonie); Tallin (Estonie)



Mária Huttová

Institution   Comenius University Canadian Studies Centre

Address       Safarikovo nam. 6.           

                   818 06 Bratislava

                   Slovak  Republic                     

Tel.      0042/ 07 52 94 6 ext 687     

Fax     07 52 96 60



Main subjects of interest:  Canadian Contemporary Novel

Possible topics for lectures: R. Davies, M. Atwood, M. Ondaatje, Ethnic Writers

Possible topics for seminars:   The novel of M. Ondaatje, Ethnic writers; one/two days  

Period when you would prefer to travel:    September, October, March , April

Region in which you would prefer to travel: Europe


Anna Jakabfi

Institution: Lorand Eotvos University - School for English and American Studies

Address: H-1146 Budapest XIV., Ajtosi Durer sor 19-21. Hungary

University Fax:361-343-8760

Home phone: 361-275-9114



Main subject of interest: Canadian fiction and prose from beginnings to

the 1980's,

Possible topics for lectures: immigration fiction both 19th and 20th c,

Metis in literature, Hungarians in fiction, Regionalism in fiction (Prairies

and Nova Scotia), Individual authors: Hugh MacLennan, Margaret Laurence,

Gabrielle Roy, Thomas H.Raddall, Frederick Philip Grove, Henry Kreisel,

Sinclair Ross.

Possible topics for seminar: see 2).

Period(s) to travel: April 9-17, 2001; To Poland around or in Warsaw

right before the Torun conference of April 20-22: between mid-July and end

of August 2001: between January 28 and February 4,2001. Length: during

academic year: 3-5 days.In summer not longer than a fortnight.

Regions: in Central Europe for the time being: Slovenia, Austria, Poland,

Slovakia and the Czech Republic; the Nordic countries in Europe; Germany,

France and the United Kingdom.


Ana Olos

Institution: North University Baia Mare




Main subject of interest: Timothy Findley and his work

Possible topics for lectures: Timothy Findley (in English), presentation
of analytical approaches to selections from his work

Possible topics for seminar: see 2).

Period(s) to travel: anywhere from early September to the end of October or from
March to May