Brno Studies in English

1 / 2019


 [5]-24On the grammaticalization of as well as in the history of English Criado-Peña, Miriam | pdficon
 [25]-42Usage guides, social commentary and views on education in Late Modern Scotland Dossena, Marina | pdficon
 [43]-56The Wise Book of Astronomy and Philosophy in London, Wellcome Library, MS 411 (ff. 32r–37v) Esteban-Segura, Laura | pdficon
 [57]-74"Now is the time to root out evil" : the role of natural world metaphors in the construction of the "Us" and "Them" dichotomy Hampl, Marek | pdficon
 [75]-94The semantic field of the English modal auxiliary can interacting with the grammatical aspect of the main verb in Contemporary American English Szymański, Leszek | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
 [96]-110"Something odd and beautiful" : literary cartography in Jim Crace's Harvest Chalupský, Petr | pdficon
 [111]-128Unmasking romance in The Tempest : politics, theatre and T.S. Eliot Gualberto, Rebeca | pdficon
 [129]-142Mary Helena Fortune : an independent fly in the webs of Victorian society Klepač, Tihana | pdficon
 [143]-155Nostalgia, Kitsch and the Great Recession in Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last and Westworld (Season 1) Kowal, Ewa | pdficon
 [157]-170Polyphonic resonances of fairy tales and myths : The Magic Toyshop and Life Before Man Labudová, Katarína | pdficon
 [171]-189Lincoln's miniature Bible : performing sacred history in the Gettysburg Address Smith, Jeff | pdficon
 [191]-209Shakespeare's Bohemia : terror and toleration in early modern Europe Thomas, Alfred | pdficon
 [211]-227The palimpsestuous face of the other : homoerotic memory in Alan Hollinghurst's The Stranger's Child Yerba, José M. | pdficon