Brno Studies in English

1 / 2018


 [5]-26Exploring identities in the ELF class: a critical proposal Deliroka, Sideri; Tsakona, Villy | pdficon
 [27]-42Comparative citation analysis of applied linguistics research articles' introduction sections Farnia, Maryam; Zohreh, Bagheri; Saeedi, Masoud | pdficon
 [43]-62The modal potential in the English present progressive Prażmo, Ewelina | pdficon
 [63]-82The role of path metaphors in conceptualising life in English and Serbian: a corpus-based analysis Vesić Pavlović, Tijana | pdficon
 [83]-102Adjectives in extraposed constructions with that-clauses: a quantitative corpus-driven analysis Wiliński, Jarosław | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
 [103]-118Cutting to the chase: microfictions, empathy and the new sincerity Drąg, Wojciech | pdficon
 119-136The Americans: domesticity and regendering of classical spy narratives Muñoz-González, Esther | pdficon
 [137]-151'Killing' her journal with delayed paratext? : Mary Shelley's journal intertitles and other distinctive features Ożarska, Magdalena | pdficon
 [153]-165For 'Mythical' read 'Empathic': Paul Muldoon's 'Third Epistle to Timothy' and 'The Bangle (Slight Return)' as Exercises in EmpathyPietrzak, Wit | pdficon
 [167]-184Remembering Marley: a portrayal of the reggae superstar in Marlon James's A Brief History of Seven Killings Tomczak, Anna Maria | pdficon
 [185]-188[Šnircová, Soňa. Girlhood in British coming-of-age novels: the Bildungsroman heroine revisited] Franková, Milada | pdficon
 [189]-192[Ringrow, Helen. The language of cosmetics advertising] Nowosielska, Barbara | pdficon