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2 / 2019

Články – Articles
  5-18 Children as culprits and criminals : children in mischief, delict, and crime in Roman Empire Antošovská, Tereza | pdficon
  19-32 The political and military aspects of accession of Constantine the Great Doležal, Stanislav | pdficon
  33-52 Indirekte Evidentialität in der lateinischen erzählenden Prosa des I-II Jhdt. Chernyukh, Bohdan | pdficon
  53-65 Cicadas in the Hesychian lexicon Kaczyńska, Elwira; Witczak, Krzysztof Tomasz | pdficon
  67-77 Socrates on deception, thievery and violence: towards situational ethics? Kalaš, Andrej; Škvrnda, František | pdficon
  79-95 Le caractère dramatique des épigrammes de la Croix et de la Crucifixion du Christ Kantaras, Anastasios | pdficon
  97-111 Oriental cults and curse tablets in Europe Kellová, Michaela | pdficon
  113-124 Procopius's Sibyl - the fall of Vitigis and the Ostrogoths Kovács, Tamás | pdficon
  125-141 When Óðinn meets Pompey : Norse and classical elements in English literature at the turn of the 18th and 19th century Králová, Magda | pdficon
  143-161 Some thoughts on the military capabilities of Alexios I Komnenos: battles of Dyrrachion (1081) and Dristra (1087) Meško, Marek | pdficon
  163-176 Negative concord in classical Greek case study : Xenophon Muchnová, Dagmar | pdficon
  177-191 Lexical eclecticism of Latin texts on the territory of Ukraine of the XV-XVII centuries Myronova, Valentyna; Korolova, Nataliia; Koshchii, Oksana | pdficon
  193-210 Stock characters from Atellana in Plautus' Palliata – the connections between Dossennus-Manducus and the Plautine parasites reconsidered Pieczonka, Joanna | pdficon
  211-224 Decent indecency : the 'Roman' image of 'Greek' traditions in Petronius's Satyricon Seres, Dániel | pdficon
  225-234 Fluctus curarum : Catullan and Lucretian intertexts in the Dido-episode of the Aeneid Somfai, Péter | pdficon
  235-253 The net in the sea : a note to Plotinus' en. IV 3(27).9.34–44 Weiss, Sonja | pdficon
  255-266 The poetic works of Samuel Spilenberger (1572–1654) Zborovjan, Martin | pdficon
Recenze – Book reviews
  267-268 [Bel, Matej. Oravská stolica -- Bel, Matej. Liptovská stolica -- Bel, Matej. Turčianska stolica] Škybraha, Marek | pdficon