Museologica Brunensia

1 / 2017


 4Úvodní slovo Kirsch, Otakar; Jagošová, Lucie | pdficon
Studie – Articles
 5-11"Shared responsibility" as a new form of collecting and caring: the example of an online museum for the public art in the city of Athens Bounia, Alexandra | pdficon
 12-20Beyond the "object-oriented vs. visitor/idea-oriented museum" divide: the value of objects for museum experiences Velázquez Marroni, Cintia | pdficon
 21-33Models of professional employment of the graduates of Brno museology in cultural institutions Jagošová, Lucie; Kirsch, Otakar | pdficon
 34-40K problematike múzejnej terminológie Díte, Tibor | pdficon
 41-47Proměny konstruktivismu v muzejní pedagogice George E. Heina Mikulášková, Monika | pdficon
Metodické a informační texty – Methodical and informative texts
 48-54Evaluation and consultation: tools for the inclusive museum Crossley, Laura | pdficon
 55-61Open round table of museology: international live discussion of students and experts on museology Biedermann, Bernadette; Mrázová, Lenka | pdficon
Medailon – Medallion
 62-64Peter The Museum Mensch: a personal museological reflection Meijer-van Mensch, Léontine | pdficon
 65-67The hundredth anniversary of the birth of Josef Beneš, a prominent Czech museologistRutar, Václav | pdficon
Recenze literatury – Book review
 68-70[Davis, Ann; Smeds, Kerstin (Eds.). Visiting the visitors: an enquiry into the visitor business in museums] Dolák, Jan | pdficon
 71[Dolák, Jan. Muzeum a prezentace] Díte, Tibor | pdficon
Muzejní kritika – Museum review
 72-74Archeopark Pavlov: (stánek múz pod Pálavou) Drobný, Tomáš | pdficon
Zprávy – News
 75Lectures by foreing museologist at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in 2016 Kirsch, Otakar | pdficon