Hegel and the Perspective of the Dialectical Concept of Experience

Martin Ďurďovič


The aim of the article is to explore Hegel’s conception of dialectics and to determine what elements of this conception infiltrate into the position of hermeneutical phenomenology, where, thanks in particular to H.-G. Gadamer, the notion of the dialectic experience has become an important part of the theory of understanding. In hermeneutics, the motives of platonic dialectics are linked to the motives of Hegel’s dialectics, which are rooted in the tradition of modern philosophy. The article therefore analyses both Hegel’s conception of dialectics and the way some of its elements have been appropriated in hermeneutics in the broader context of modern philosophy. Extra attention is paid to the concept of dialectical turn.


dialectics, experience, German idealism, phenomenology, hermeneutics


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