Learn to swim! Epilogue with Blumenbergem

Wolfgang Riedel


This study presents 1) the key principles of Descartes’ project of interministic ethics, and 2) the elements of Marquard’s and Blumenberg’s analyses and interpretations of parts of the project of provisional morality. It shows how elements of provisional morality could be used in the critique of Marquard’s discursive ethics and Blumenberg’s reflections of rhetorics considered as a possible way towards communicative understanding. The author points out that Descartes’ concept of provisional morality could be used to criticize varieties of Cartesianism (the search for indubitable foundation of theory) in humanities. Marquard’s and Blumenberg’s interpretations of Descartes’ concept show how the method of provisional morality could be used against Cartesianism in moral theories as well as more generally in the humanities.


Morale par provision; rhetorics, Cartesian syndrome; bricolage; hermeneutics


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Published by the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
ISSN: 1212-9097