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All applicants for Czech language courses for foreigners must submit — by email, or normal post — an application for study directly to the Department of Czech for Foreigners. Applications can be found at the bottom of the page of each course.

Into the IS (Masaryk University Information System) students of Masaryk University can register for our courses only upon receiving confirmation of acceptance to the program as well as successfully completing the entrance examination.

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Bachelor’s Degree Studies of Czech for Foreigners

(Three-year, full-time, single-subject study)

The programme of the Bachelor’s Degree Studies of Czech for Foreigners is intented as a full study programme.

During their studies students acquire comprehensive knowledge of contemporary Czech language and Czech literature. They also gain an overview of linguistics and literary theory.

Bachelor’s degree graduates possess excellent oral and written skills in Czech. They also acquire knowledge of Czech history and culture, especially literature.

Graduates from this course will thus be able to apply their knowledge not only in academic settings abroad dealing with issues concerning Czech as a foreign language and Czech literature, but also as interpreters and translators in institutions in the Czech Republic, in their country of origin, the European Union, or in culture and literature.

The person responsible for the recognition of studies abroad is PhDr. Eva Rusinová.

To be accepted onto the Bachelor’s Degree Studies of Czech for Foreigners it is necessary to pass a written exam, which includes Czech grammar test, Czech orthography test and a written section (a short summary). Some knowledge of Czech life and history and Czech literature is required as well. Passing the entrance examination requires an advanced level of Czech language skills (minimum B2), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Information about enrolment for daily Bachelor’s Degree Studies:

Contact: PhDr. Vlasta Dvořáčková, head of Office for Admission Process, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University

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