The Department of Theatre Studies has traditionally put an emphasis on exchanging ideas and cultivating relations within the international academic community. 


Visiting Professors

Internationally recognized scholars in the field of theatre studies and related areas are regularly invited to come and present their work and teach special courses.

Since the beginnings of the 1990’s the department has hosted, sometimes repeatedly, for instance: Martin Esslin (London), Platon Mavromoustakos (Athens), Henri Schoenmakers (Utrecht), Patrice Pavis (Paris), Yana Meerzon (Ottawa), Veronika Ambros (Toronto), Herta Schmid (Potsdam), Dmitry Trubochkin (Moscau), Manfred Pfister (Berlin), Christian M. Billing (Hull), Joseph Brandesky (Ohio State University), Bärbel Rudin, Christian Neuhuber (Graz), Ákos Seress (Kaposvár), Noel Witts (University of Leeds).

Among the visiting professors who gave special courses at the Department of Theatre Studies in the academic year 2012 – 2013 were Prof. Manfred Pfister (Shakespeare Intermedial: Romeo and Julie and the Sonnets), prof. Christian Billing (Post-Millenial Shakespeare on Film: Interpretation, Adaptation and Appropriation) and prof. Platon Mavromoustakos (World Stage Directors of the Twentieth Century). The most recent special course for Spring 2013 was prof. Yana Meerzon’s Theatre in Exile.


International Symposiums and Seminars

The Department of Theatre Studies also hosts international events such as International Seminar on Early Modern Theatre in Europe (November 2010) and Early Modern Reception of Shakespeare on the Continent in Context (November 2009). 

As a part of the departmental research project Czech Structuralist Thought on Theatre: Context and Potency the department held conferences Prague Semiotic Stage Revisited (June 2011) and Prague Semiotic Stage Revisited II. (May 2013) focused on Prague School and semiotics both in historical and contemporary context. Among presenters were Patrice Pavis, Fernando de Torro, Marco de Marinis, Veronika Ambros, Freddie Rokem, Herta Schmidt, Yana Meerzon, Christian Billing and other outstanding researchers.


Czech-English Reader of Czech Thought on Theatre 

As a part of the project Contexts of Czech Structuralism, a Czech-English reader of Czech thought on theatre is being prepared. An extensive and prestigious anthology, it is supposed to pay off one of the great debts of Czech theatre studies, making key and internationally recognized studies of Czech Structuralism accessible to the international readership.



The Department of Theatre Studies is currently involved in ERASMUS exchange program with Universität Wien (Austria), Université de Picardie Jules Verne (France), Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), Pomeranian University in Słupsk (Poland), Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland), University of Coimbra (Portugal), Prešovská univerzita v Prešove (Slovakia), and Suleyman Demirel University (Turkey).


Theatralia Revue – Special Issues in English

Theatralia, the Revue of Contemporary Thought on Theatre Culture (ISSN 1803-845X, ISBN 978-80-210-4959-8) is peer-reviewed scholarly journal. The aim of the journal is to map theatre in its varied language and generic forms regardless of time and territory. The journal consists of scholarly articles, reviews and published archival materials of all kinds. It welcomes contributions by specialists from other institutions and also publishes articles based on outstanding student theses. 

Manuscripts can be submitted in Czech, Slovak, English or German.

Special Issues of Theatralia Revue in English then represent a peer-reviewed platform for wide international collaboration on particular research areas.

Details are available from executive editors:
Iva Mikulová (ivi.mikuli (at)
Eliška Poláčková (theatralia (at) 



Issues in English:

2015/2 - Theatralia / Czech Puppet Theatre in Global Contexts

2014/2 - Theatralia / Prague Semiotic Stage Revisited II








2012/2 - Theatralia / Prague Semiotic Stage Revisited






2011/1 - Theatralia / Czech Stage Art and Stage Design