Portals and databases, information portal of Czech theatre information portal.

Czech Theatre Dictionary

Arts and Theatre Institute
, organization of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, centre of information, advice, education, production, and publishing for the field of theatre and other branches of the arts.

Virtual study room
, a comprehensive interface for accessing databases and online services of the Theatre Institute.

European Theatre Architecture

Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic
, contains information on books and serial publication hel in the collections of libraries and other public institutions in the Czech Republic.

Databases of Czech Literature
, bibliography of Czech literature and literary studies.
, database of Classical tradition and Czech culture.

Journals and Magazines

Divadelní Revue (Czech Theatre Review), the Czech journal for theatre studies.

Theatralia, the Revue of Contemporary Thought on Theatre Culture.

Svět a divadlo (World and Theatre), the magazine about the world of theatre and the theatre of the world.

Loutkář (The Puppeteer), the magazine specializing in the art of puppetry and fringe alternative theatre, first issued in 1912.

Taneční aktuality (Dance News), reference point in the dance world.

Institutions and associations

Prague Quadrennial, worlds largest event of scenography and theatre architecture since 1967.

Department of theatre studies
, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague.

Department of Theory and criticism
, Theatre Faculty, Academy of performing arts, Prague.

Department of theatre, film and media studies, Faculty of Arts, Palacky University, Olomouc.

Theatre Faculty, Academy of performing arts, Prague.

Theatre Faculty, Janáček academy of performing arts, Brno.

Theatre Research society

Institute of Czech literature, Academy of Science.