Research areas of the Department of Theatre Studies include areas such as:

  1. Ancient drama and theatre, medieval theatre, staging of ancient drama on Czech stages etc. – Eva Stehlíková, Eliška Poláčková and others.

  2. German-speaking theatre and traveling theatre companies  in Central Europe, pre-20th century Czech theater – Margita Havlíčková.

  3. Czech translations of W. Shakespeare and staging of Elizabethan drama in Czech lands, early modern theatre, music theatre – Pavel Drábek.

  4. Czech drama and theatre after 1945, theatre reviews and criticism – Libor Vodička, Margita Havlíčková, Šárka Havlíčková Kysová, Martina Musilová, David Drozd, Naďa Satková.

  5. Typology of acting, ontology of theatricality – Martina Musilová.

  6. Theatre audience and reception, theatre theory, structuralism etc. – David Drozd, Šárka Havlíčková Kysová, Martina Musilová.

  7. Asian theatre forms, visual component of theatre etc. – Šárka Havlíčková Kysová.

  8. History of Czech scenography, tendencies in modern and postmodern scenography worldwide – Barbora Příhodová, Margita Havlíčková. 

  9. Cognitive theatre science – Šárka Havlíčková Kysová.
  10. Staging of Opera – Barbora Příhodová, Šárka Havlíčková Kysová, Margita Havlíčková.



 The academic and research profile of Department of Theatre studies offers specific areas:

  1. Systematic study of theatre forms in Moravia (above all “Brunensia”);

  2. European drama and theatre of Early Modernity, European contexts of theatre and drama from the end of the Middle Ages;

  3. Czech theater and Aesthetic Structuralism;

  4. Theatre reception: researching the audience of Brno theaters, in collaboration with foremost theatre companies in Brno;

  5. Theatricality of feasts and folk celebrations, municipal celebrations etc.;

  6. Czech drama and theatre in the period of state socialism, organization of theatre operation and cultural politics of state in the 20th century.

As a part of the project Contexts of Czech Structuralism, a Czech-English reader of Czech thought on theatre is being prepared. An extensive and prestigious anthology, it is supposed to pay off one of the great debts of Czech theatre studies, making key and internationally recognized studies of Czech Structuralism accessible to the international readership.