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Support for Masaryk University Information System

spravuje: Daniel MikšíkPoslední změna: Čtvrtek 03.09.2015 09:58

Services provided by the Centre for Information Technologies in support of the Masaryk University Information System.

For Students and Staff

  • Solving problems with accessing the Information System (passwords, etc.).
  • Help with setting up email forwarding in the Information System.

For Students

  • Overcoming troubles with submitting assignments to the Information System.

For Staff

  • Setting up access rights to individual IS applications.
  • Administering access permissions to electronic locks (classrooms, buildings, cabinets in multimedia classrooms).
  • Administering printers.
  • Help with templates preparation.
  • Help with study catalogues.

Specialised support is provided by the IS development team. If you have no luck searching for an answer to your question, or for a solution to your problem in the official IS Help, send an email to the development team:

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