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Centre for Literary and Intercultural Studies



Centre for literary and intercultural studies focuses on recent developments in literature within a broad transnational an intercultural context. Its main aim is to foster professional research in a wide range of cultural phenomena transcending the sphere of national literatures.  

The Centre was founded by Zbyněk Fišer, Raija Hauck, Petr Bubeníček and Jan Tlustý in Greifswald in August 2011. Within the Centre these founding members guarantee activities of diverse research groups. Zbyněk Fišer, the Centre chairman, is professionally active in the field of theory of translation and intercultural communication. Petr Bubeníček, the project director, deals with literature in film, adaptation theory, intermediality and theory of the novel. Jan Tlustý focuses on literary theory and hermeneutics of the novel. The professional activities of Raija Hauck centre round theory and didactics of translation; in the Centre she seeks for project and grant support. The founding members formulated the basic aims and goals of the Centre and have asked different professionals from academic millieu to participate and co-operate on Centre’s activities.   

From the very beginning CLIS was conceived as an open platform of interdisciplinary research in the field of literature, intercultural communication, and media. Various approaches of professionals and scholars from different universities worldwide meet here to pursue a dialogue on particular issues in transnational dimensions. The issues concerned here involve the relationship of literature to other media, theory of the novel and recent developments in novel writing, translatology, and study of literary communication in broad socio-cultural relations. Thus the research activities of CLIS are concordant with current worldwide trends in professional and academic research.

In the upcoming five years (from 2012 to 2017) CLIS is planning to focus on novel as a typical example of contemporary literature. The genre of the novel will have been approached from a meeting point of different methodologies and research attitudes, i.e. translatology, intercultural communication, narratology, intermedial studies and cultural semiotics. CLIS will not only attempt to define the specifics of different cultural representations but will also examine general characteristics of different types of communication and specific cultural differences.


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