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New subject Education

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Doctoral Programme in Education

Within its Ph.D. programme, the Faculty of Arts offers a newly accredited subject called Education which is available in a full-time and a combined form.

Instructions for submitting the electronic application are available at In 2011/2012 the tution fee per academic year is EUR 1900.

All applicants are required to pay an administrative fee (CZK 400) as instructed in the application form.

Only university graduates of MA programmes with a corresponding or similar specialization can be admitted to the doctoral programme after passing an entrance examination.

Documentation required for the admission procedure (must be sent in a written form to the Admissions Department (Oddělení pro přijímací řízení) to the above postal address by the end of January 2012):

  • CV
  • a list of published works
  • a dissertation project
  • an officially attested copy of the diploma (recognition of a foreign university degree, if applicable)


Contents of the oral entrance examination:

  1. The extent of preparedness for academic research
  2. Your own conception for the major specialization in terms of the studied subject
  3. Project for the Ph.D. dissertation
  4. Language skills


The time period for submitting the application forms: Dec 20, 2011 – Jan 20, 2012

Entrance examinations will take place in February 2012.



Doctoral Programme in Education (Conducted in English)

At the Department of Educational Sciences of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, the doctoral programme in Education is conducted in English. This programme is focused strongly on the independent work of the student in cooperation with a supervisor. It is divided into three modules whose focuses are on philosophy and methodology, professional training, and language. In the course of his/her studies, each student is required to pass examinations in the philosophy of science and the methodology of educational research plus an examination in an educational  discipline chosen in accordance with the focus of the student’s dissertation. The programme includes regular group seminars in which doctoral students, supervisors and guests lecturers take part. The standard length of a full-time course of study is four years; for part-time studies, the standard length is seven years. 

Applicants for the doctoral programme in Education should hold a Master’s degree in Education or a related discipline, be able to conduct scholarly discourse on issues in education with reference to its structure, problems and methodologies, and have a command of English that allows them to communicate at a high level in this language both orally and in writing. 

Dissertation topics are formulated in agreement with the Department’s Doctoral Studies Committee. Typically they are drawn from fields of research in which supervisors are active and from the interests of applicants.

Graduates of the doctoral programme in Education should be able to plan and conduct independent and highly specialized academic work and research in educational disciplines. 

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