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Degree Studies in Czech

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Degree Studies in Czech

In accordance with the most recently amended version of the Czech Republic’s Higher Education Act (Act 111/1998), in force from January 1, 2007, foreign citizens are permitted to enrol in degree programs offered by universities in the Czech Republic without paying additional tuition or fees, provided they meet the same requirements as applicants who are citizens of the Czech Republic.

If these requirements are met (including, most importantly, successfully passing an entrance examination or examinations), studies are free of charge under the same conditions that apply to Czech students.

At enrolment, proof of official recognition of the applicant's secondary school leaving certificate, Bachelor's degree or Master's degree by the relevant Czech authorities must be presented (for detailed information please see http://www.muni.cz/study/recognition?lang=en).


Bachelor's Studies (Bc., equivalent to a Bachelor's degree; typically three years)


Master's Studies in Psychology (Mgr., equivalent to a Master's degree; typically five years)


Bachelor's Studies in Czech for Foreigners (Bc., equivalent to a Bachelor's degree, typically three years)


Master's studies (Mgr., equivalent to a Master's degree, typically two years)


Doctoral studies (Ph.D., typically four years)


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