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Doctoral Studies

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Degree Studies in Czech - Admission Requirements & Deadlines


Doctoral studies (Ph.D., typically three years):

Doctoral studies are free of charge for those international students who are admitted under the same conditions as Czech students. The language of tuition is Czech, but in a majority of the study programs consultations in other languages are possible.

Applicants from outside the European Union do not pay application fees.

Applications are accepted from February until the end of April for the following Autumn semester and from September until the end of November for the following Spring semester.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 30 April for the following academic year.




The application must include also: 

  • a project for the doctoral dissertation;
  • a detailed CV stating the academic achievements of the candidate;
  • a list of publications (if any).


The entrance examination consists of a discussion of the dissertation project and, in some fields the entrance examination can be held in absentia. It should be noted that a dissertation topic outside the scholarly profile of the relevant department will likely be rejected.

It is therefore advisable to contact the chair of the doctoral committee prior to submitting the application. Among the issues that should be discussed with him/her are the topic of the candidate's research, the language of tuition, and the language in which the required materials are to be submitted. Please see http://www.muni.cz/phil/study/boards for contact names and addresses.

At enrolment, proof of official recognition of the applicant's Master's degree by the relevant Czech authorities must be presented (for detailed information please see http://www.muni.cz/study/recognition?lang=en).


Useful links and addresses:

For general information concerning the admissions procedures, please contact admission@phil(dot)muni(dot)cz or Monika(dot)Horackova@phil(dot)muni(dot)cz.

For specific conditions concerning fields of study, research etc., see Departments of the Faculty of Arts.

For courses offered at the Faculty of Arts, see Course Catalogue, with selection of the language of tuition; (may take a moment to display).

Further information on practical issues, student life, Brno, and Masaryk University can be found on the International Relations page under "Informace pro zahraniční studenty".


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