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Combined Studies

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Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies – combined studies.



Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on higher education establishments and amendments and supplements to other acts (Higher Education Act), section 44, subsection 4, sets the distinction between full-time, combined and distance study modes.
The full-time mode entitles the university student to regularly attend lectures, seminars, tutorials and other educational activities lead by academic staff.
The distance mode entitles the university student to study using information sources without regular attendance at the abovementioned activities.
The combined mode is a combination of the full-time and distance study modes.
The combined mode of studies is taught in instruction blocks which are organised into meetings taking place the whole day, usually every other Friday. To learn about the courses offered by the faculty refer to the study programme catalogues.
Timetables for the various fields of study are made public before the start of each semester on the web pages of individual departments. To see more, go to organizational structure.

A list of the fields of study that are currently being opened can be found on the admission procedure web pages.

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