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Doctoral State Examination and Doctoral Dissertation Defence

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Deadlines and conditions for applying to sit the Doctoral State Examination and defend the Doctoral Dissertation

-- For exams and defences to be held during the Spring Semester – January 31st of the preceding semester

-- For exams and defences to be held during the Autumn Semester – May 31st of the preceding semester

The application may be found at the following address:

The following must be submitted with the application

  • Doctoral Dissertation (3 bound copies)
  • Dissertation Synopsis/Summary (10 copies on A5 format paper)
  • Professional Curriculum Vitae
  • List of Works published

Uploading the Doctoral Dissertation into the Masaryk University Information System:

IS →Osobní administrativa → Student → Věci vztahující se k celému studiu → Státní závěrečná zkouška a archiv závěrečné práce → Manipulace s archivem závěrečné práce → Vstup do archivu


MU Study and Examination Regulations

Section 30
Doctoral Thesis

(1) A doctoral thesis presents the results achieved by a student in the course of his/her studies. The supervisor and the head of the relevant unit are responsible for providing the student with the conditions necessary for meeting programme requirements.

(2) The doctoral thesis must contain original results which have been either published or accepted for publication. Detailed publication requirements and requirements regarding the extent of a doctoral thesis are set by the doctoral board. These requirements must be made public. A body of work previously published or accepted for publication in printed or other form may be recognized as a doctoral thesis in case a comprehensive introduction and commentary are provided by the student.

(3) A doctoral thesis is written in the language a given programme is implemented in or in the language specified in programme content. The doctoral thesis may be submitted in a foreign language following the approval of the doctoral board. The doctoral thesis may always be submitted in English without the approval of the doctoral board.

(4) The thesis must be submitted in electronic form via the IS MU and in hard copy; the number of hard copies required is set by the doctoral board. The thesis must fulfil the additional requirements:

a) The cover and title page must be of the same design, the thesis format must comply with standard usage at the faculty and all hard copies must be hard-bound.

b) In case the work submitted for a thesis defence constitutes a joint project a student has participated in, the parts he/she has written must be clearly indicated as such.

c) The thesis must include a statement of co-authorship attesting to a student’s authorship of the indicated parts of the thesis and evaluating his/her contribution.

d) Additional requirements, specifying e.g. extent, form or layout of a doctoral thesis, may be specified by the dean or by the doctoral board if so authorised by the dean.

Section 31
Doctoral State Examination

(1) Prerequisites for submitting a doctoral state examination application include the fulfilment of all requirements specified in section 28, subsections 3 and 4. The doctoral thesis topic must be presented no later than at application submission, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctoral board. The application shall be submitted to the dean via the IS MU by a date specified by the academic year chart and timetable.

(2) The doctoral state examination date is set by the dean during the semester which the student applied for by the designated deadline following a recommendation by the doctoral board.

(3) The general requirements of a doctoral state examination are specified in programme content. Additional requirements stipulated by the doctoral board must be communicated to the student in written form no later than four weeks prior to the examination date.

(4) The doctoral state examination is held in the language a given programme is implemented in or in the language specified in programme content for such purposes. Following a decision by the doctoral board, a doctoral thesis defence may be held in a foreign language typical of a given field of study – either with the student’s consent or following a request filed by the student.

(5) A discussion of the doctoral thesis topic forms a part of the examination unless otherwise prescribed by the doctoral board.

(6) The outcome of the doctoral state examination is assessed verbally in accordance with the grading scheme specified in section 17, subsection 1.

(7) Should a student fail the doctoral state examination, he/she is entitled to repeat the examination no more than once; an alternate date shall be set by the dean following a recommendation by the doctoral board. The date must take place by the end of the following semester. A student’s studies may be interrupted by the dean until the alternate doctoral state examination date.

(8) In case a student is absent on the designated date of the doctoral state examination and subsequently fails to provide an acceptable reason for his/her absence within five workdays following that date, his/her performance is assessed as “unacceptable”.

The doctoral state examination and announcement of the final assessment are open to the public.


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