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spravuje: Jiří ŽoudlíkPoslední změna: Úterý 08.08.2017 13:45

Scholarship for students enrolled in full-time doctoral degree programmes

Effective 1 February 2013, the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Council has declared that the monthly scholarship for doctoral students enrolled in full-time studies will be 7 000 Kč.


Funds received by the Faculty of Arts in the form of grant from the Ministry of Education for doctoral students are further used to support presentations by doctoral students at foreign and domestic conferences (granted on the basis of an application by the student, which contains both the conference programme and a justification of its relevance to the student’s degree), to recognize and reward foreign-language publications in scholarly journals and to acknowledge outstanding results in research and pedagogical activities in the Faculty’s departments (granted on the basis of an award proposal by the head of the relevant department or the dissertation advisor).


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