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For Students

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Selected links for students

Help us keep this page and the website up-to-date. Let us know what links you miss on this page, which pages you need translated into English, what information you could not find etc.
You can send us your comment from any page by clicking "contact" in the lower right corner of the page.



Student Activities, discussions

News from the Studies Dpt   Faculty of Arts Students’ Foundation
Academic Calendar   Faculty of Arts discussion forum in the IS: your questions and answers
Studium – complete information at the Study Department pages (in Czech)   Prvákoviny ("Freshmen's News") – basic info (in Czech) about Faculty of Arts, written by your fellow students

Libraries and Information Resources



Catalogue of the FF Central Library   Eating nearby (MU Canteens and nearest restaurants)
MZK Catalogue (Moravian Library at Kounicova Street, next to the Law Faculty)   IT for Students – basic info about IT; currently only available in Czech. You can read the English version of IT for Teachers; most topics are covered here and apply to students as well.
Electronic resources available at MU   Info for Foreign Students – students' life in Brno

News and Announcements

News and announcements are found (mostly in Czech)

  • in News (on the navigation bar below page header; latest news are also displayed on the main page)
  • on our Noticeboard (the same navigation bar) – longer and permanent info
  • on the Noticeboard of the MU Information System (IS password required)
  • in similar sections of your Department's pages




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