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Rules and conditions for scholarships.

In accordance with the new Scholarship and Bursary Regulations, which came into force on 1 July 2006, the Faculty of Arts may grant scholarships:
a) within the standard scholarship and bursary programmes (see sections 1–4 below)
b) other than the standard scholarship and bursary programmes (see sections 5–8 below).
Applications for special scholarships other than the standard programmes shall be submitted to the Office for Studies. The relevant application form can be found here. There is no legal entitlement to a special scholarship.

1) In support of student research assistants
The Masaryk University Faculty of Arts has opened The scholarship programme in support of student research assistants (in Czech). The purpose of this scholarship is to promote activities that are beneficial to the individual fields of study and are carried out by the so-called student research assistants. The scholarship is granted to students who have been, based on the department’s decision, selected as auxiliary research assistants and who are active in matters important for the operation of the relevant field of study or department under the leadership of a habilitated department member or the department head (e.g. library or administrative work, organisation of events run by the department etc.) The department head, usually each month or semester, submits a scholarship recommendation on a standardized form to the attention of the Vice-Dean for Bachelor’s and Master’s Studies and External Relations.

2) Publication support
The Masaryk University Faculty of Arts has also opened The publication support scholarship programme (in Czech). The purpose of this programme is to award published materials authored by students studying at the Faculty of Arts in all types and modes of studies, with the exception of lifelong learning students. The scholarship shall be granted to students who will submit a scholarship application to the Faculty of Arts Office for Studies within the due period and using the standardized form (in Czech), and whose application will be supported by evidence as required.

3) In support of exceptional thesis
The Dean of the faculty opens an annual competition for The MU FF Dean’s Prize (in Czech) for an exceptional diploma thesis in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies and an exceptional dissertation thesis in doctoral studies. A candidate for the prize may be nominated by the Vice-Dean or the head of the student’s home department, alternatively by the thesis supervisor in the case of doctoral students. The nomination must contain an expert assessment of the thesis.

4) Merit scholarship for outstanding study results
The merit scholarship programme for outstanding study results (in Czech) is being opened for the 2013/2014 academic year. A scholarship in the amount of 5 000 CZK shall be granted to students who will, in the considered semester, meet all the requirements set in Section 3 of the Directive. If a student took part in a semester-long foreign student exchange programme (e.g. ERASMUS) in the considered semester and did not gain the required number of credits (while meeting all the other requirements), he/she may apply for the scholarship by themselves using this form (in Czech).

5) Scholarship in support of mobility
Students may apply for a special scholarship in order to cover the costs necessary to take part in a study stay abroad, conference appearance etc. The applicant must submit an application accompanied by copies of all the evidence necessary for the granting of the scholarship – specification of the amount granted to the applicant in scholarship or support from other institutions as well as a list of the individual expenditure items necessary (or desirable) for the journey (e.g. tickets to the final destination, accommodation, insurance, inoculation). Costs that would be incurred by the students even when staying in the Czech Republic (such as costs of food and public transport) are considered irrelevant. This scholarship may also be granted in cases when the student’s support from other institutions has been reduced as a result of cutting costs at higher levels (e.g. termination of bilateral agreements between the Czech Republic and other countries, cutting costs for exchange programmes longer than one semester).

WARNING! This scholarship cannot be granted if the student has been awarded with a scholarship covering the whole period of his/her stay (a typical example includes one-semester ERASMUS programmes).


6) Field trip scholarship
The faculty actively supports the participation of students in course-related field trips organised within the course and under the auspices of the course instructor. The content and destination of the field trip must be directly related to the course (or field of study). Having returned from the field trip (ex post), the course instructor or a designated representative from among the participating students shall submit a scholarship proposal. The proposal must indicate: basic information about the field trip (duration, destination, content), a list of participants (name, surname and UČO), a list of the necessary expenses (travel expenses, accommodation costs + any other costs, if applicable). Once the proposal has been assessed by the Vice-Dean, the course instructor (or his/her representative) will be informed about the results by email.
Note: The scholarships granted under the provisions of points 4 and 5 are calculated according to predefined internal rules of the Faculty of Arts. Such support is intended as a contribution; its purpose is not to cover all the expenses incurred by the student.

7) Scholarship for students in difficult social situations
The purpose of this special scholarship is to reduce the adverse social situation of gifted students who do not participate in the Bursary programme offered by the Masaryk University Rector’s Office. The student must meet all the criteria listed below and/or happen to be in an exceptionally difficult life situation which he/she did not cause. Students enrolled in their first studies at the Faculty of Arts can only apply for this special scholarship after successfully completing their first semester.

  1. the student must provide a statement from the relevant national social assistance authority (úřad státní sociální podpory), or other evidence, certifying that the overall neat income of the household in which he/she lives does not exceed an amount equivalent to 2.0 times the family subsistence level (pursuant to Act No. 117/1995 Coll., on State Social Support);
  2. the student must rank among the best 20% of students in regard to his/her grade average (measured by percentile in the assessed study programme), obtain an average of at least 30 credits per semester (without those gained for the courses recognised) and must not exceed the standard length in any of his/her studies at the Faculty of Arts at the time of the application submission;
  3. the student is not receiving the Bursary offered by the Masaryk University Rector’s Office.

The Scholarship for students in difficult social situations is usually 10 000 CZK. In cases of an exceptionally difficult life situation not caused by the student, the Vice-Dean may grant any amount of money he/she considers appropriate. A student may only apply for this scholarship once in each academic year.

8) Scholarship for international students
a) The Dean may grant a three-month scholarship to selected students from foreign universities in the amount of 8.000 CZK per month to study the Czech language, literature and culture. Applicants should have a good command of Czech (at a level enabling attendance at lectures and seminars conducted in Czech). Students who are granted this scholarship can use the university cafeterias and be accommodated in dormitories. Such accommodation will be arranged for them. The scholarship does not cover health insurance.
A scholarship application including a concise CV and at least one letter of recommendation written by a teacher of Czech working at the student’s home university must be sent by 30 April of the year of application to the contact address on the Department of Czech for Foreigners website.
b) The Faculty of Arts grants a scholarship to the international students taking part in the CEEPUS programme to support the study of the Czech language.

9) Other activities actively supported by the faculty
a) participation of selected students in highly professional practical internships with commercial companies;
b) co-operation on the faculty version of the brochure Prvákoviny;
c) rewards to students achieving top places in nation-wide competitions;
d) other noteworthy activities.

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