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Science and Research Department

Welcome to the FF MU Science and Research Department websites. Would you like to know more about the areas of research at the Faculty of Arts? Have a look at the list of current projects. This website contains news about and links to the most common grants and agencies used at the Faculty of Arts, as well as a beginners’ guide to the financing of research.


Science and research news

Information about open competitions and results of calls for proposals, notifications of changes, invitations to seminars and educational events.

Projects, grants and plans

Links to the web pages of the individual agencies and programmes, detailed information and background materials, documents, schedules and deadlines.

Submitting a project proposal – guide.

A brief and concise beginners’ guide to creating and submitting project proposals, introduction of grant agencies, tips and possible problems.

Science and Research Department – contacts

Telephone numbers and email addresses of the Science and Research Department employees, directory of contact persons for the individual agencies and grants.

Public contracts

Detailed information about public contracts, deadlines, contacts.




Scientific Board


Habilitation procedure and procedure for the appointment of professors



Other useful links:
Editorial work
Electronic information resources at MU
Dean’s award for extraordinary publications


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