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External relations

spravuje: Michaela SochorováPoslední změna: Pátek 12.01.2018 08:52

External and international relations

Office for External Relations

Stays, Scholarships and Internships Abroad

An overview of open offers with deadlines in the specified month


NEWSLETTER International Relations Office 


Erasmus+ Work Placement

Centre for International Cooperation - database of internships HERE

PLACEMENTMAKER - find your traineeship

Europe Internship platform integrating into



January February March April May June
July August September October November December


Brno Expat Centre - their mission is to create an environment in Brno where newcomers feel welcome and quickly make a connection with the city and its citizens.

Masaryk University on the Compostela Group's Day

Newsletter for Staff, Newsletter for Students.


European Funding Guide - Find money for your education HERE


General Information

International Study Stays for Students




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