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Student Contest 2011 "Home from Home"


Hard day…?

Is that reason difficult studies or last night’s party at the dorms? Or a bit of both? What’ s the life on Campus like? How about Czech culture? Do you prefer „smažák“ or „svíčková“?

We would really like to know about your life here with us. Send us a photo or video. Or simply send us a few lines. It may be you who wins a new cell phone HTC Desire HD!

A few words on the regulations of the competition“ Home from Home“
• The competition is intended for all foreign students at Masaryk University.
• The deadline is set on midnight on 23rd Sept 2011.
• The winners will be announced at the party at Fléda Club on 13th Oct 2011.
• The competition is open in three categories: photo, video shot and essay, you can participate in all three categories at once, however, only two pieces of each can be submitted.
• The competition materials should be sent in the following format:
o a photo: jpg or png form with a minimum size of 1 MB and
maximum size of 10 MB
o a video: avi or mpeg minimum 1 min long and maximum 5 min long,
o an essay: 2000 words min. and 4000 words (including breaks) max.
• How to participate?
o Upload a photo to: https://isois.ois.muni.cz/fotosoutez/
o Upload a video to:
o Send an essay to: competition@czs.muni.cz
• There will be a board which evaluates and chooses the three best in each category
• The prizes are the same for all categories:
o lst prize: cell phone HTC Desire HD
o 2nd prize: digital camera CANON
o 3rd prize: book voucher

• For detail regulations please check http://ois.muni.cz

And what do we expect from this competition?
That we will learn how you live here with us. We hope that you like your Masaryk University and you will have nice memories!

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